Friends, food, and fun: 3 Guys from Pittsboro having lunch at Allen and Son BBQ

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Up the road along 15-501 at the edge of Bynum lies a culinary gem that has been a local favorite for several decades – Allen and Son BBQ. On a sunny afternoon, three friends embarked on a culinary adventure, indulging in the delights this iconic establishment had to offer. As we bantered over barbecue and reminisced about past escapades, we delved into topics ranging from local awards to real estate, weaving a tapestry of community and connection that epitomizes small-town life.

Grilled Cheese and Brunswick: A Fusion of Flavors

As the aroma of smoky barbecue filled the air, Greg Stafford, Eric Andrews, and I, engaged in a spirited discussion over our lunch choices. Amidst the laughter and chatter, the two grilled cheese sandwiches paired with Brunswick stew emerged as a standout favorite. Greg extolled the virtues of dipping the gooey grilled cheese into the hearty stew, savoring each delectable bite.

“I get the grilled cheese and Brunswick because it’s dipping the grilled cheese in the Brunswick,” remarked Greg, encapsulating the essence of this “unique” dining experience. Greg’s a man who seeks a harmonious blend of comfort and tradition when it comes to his lunchtime choices. Our response? “Could you have gotten by with just one grilled cheese?”

A Taste of Tradition: Barbecue and Brunswick Stew

As we savored their meals, we did unanimously agreed on the fine quality of the barbecue and Brunswick stew. With accolades such as “10 out of 10,” our praise underscored the time-honored recipes and that have made Allen & Sons BBQ a local institution.

The barbecue, moist and flavorful, elicited nods of approval, while the Brunswick stew, brimming with tender meat and vegetables, warmed our hearts and bellies alike. In a world of fleeting food trends, Allen & Son BBQ stood as a bastion of tradition, serving up soul-satisfying dishes that evoke memories of backyard cookouts and family gatherings.

Beyond the Plate: Community and Camaraderie

Yet, the allure of Allen & Son BBQ extends beyond its comfort food fare. For us, on the day we had lunch, it served as a backdrop for lively conversation. Amidst bites of barbecue and sips of sweet tea, we delved into everything from local news to personal achievements. We went from discussing local awards to sharing anecdotes about real estate ventures. We mused over past experiences and future endeavors.

Amidst casual banter, the topic shifts to the SoCo award, a symbol of recognition for community contributions. Yet, amidst the accolades, questions arise about whose names grace the spotlight. As I observed, “Why do they keep mentioning Greg Stafford, but not Paula Stafford?” The conversation delved deeper into the dynamics of recognition and the collaborative efforts that underpin community success.

Tales also emerged of navigating hazardous intersections and unexpected obstacles. From near-misses to serendipitous encounters, each story offers a glimpse into the fabric of community life.

Real Estate Ventures: Navigating the Terrain

In the midst of bustling conversation, the topic turns to real estate ventures, a landscape fraught with challenges and opportunities. As seasoned real estate agent, Eric, shares his experiences, the realities of the profession come to light. “Real estate is a full-time endeavor,” he explains, “requiring dedication and perseverance.” Yet, amidst the challenges, there are moments of triumph and fulfillment.

Unearthing History: Discovering Hidden Artifacts

Amidst the hum of conversation, tales emerge of an unexpected discovery – wheels from the 1920s and 30s excavated from the depths of a junkyard. With the help of a skilled sculptor, these artifacts are being transformed into vibrant symbols of the past. Greg notes that when the sculptor is done, these wheels will adorn the roofline of Havoc Brewing Company. Thus, each artifact becomes a link to the past.

The Joy of Gatherings: Celebrating Community

Allen & Son BBQ was more than just a restaurant – it was a gathering place where fellowship and memories are shared. Allen & Son BBQ, with its tasty barbecue and warm hospitality, serves as a beacon of Southern tradition and community spirit. This isn’t just any restaurant; it’s a sanctuary where bonds are strengthened, and memories are forged over plates of grilled cheese, Brunswick stew, and barbecue. It’s a place where good food, good friends, and good times are always on the menu.

Looking Ahead: A Culinary Journey Unfolds

Of course, our culinary journey was far from over. We have plans to continue to explore new dining destinations and unearth hidden culinary treasures within Chatham County. We’ve just been kind of slow getting it done.

Next lunch stop? Probably Goldston.

Watch on YouTube Part 2 Three Guys from Pittsboro Having Lunch at Allen & Sons BBQ – 5.1.24

00:17 Discussion about food items and experiences at Allen & Son BBQ

  • Mention of trying grilled cheese and Brunswick stew together
  • Conversation about weight loss and food preferences

02:35 Discussion about the SoCo award and recognition issue

  • Greg Stafford is hogging the limelight
  • Paula Stafford, the true brains behind the operation, is often overlooked in the recognition.

05:22 Repurposing and restoring old narrow gauge spoke rims for a unique artwork and installation.

  • A Pittsboro sculptor is powder coating the rims in three colors – light yellow, purple, and orange, inspired by Oldsmobile colors from the 1930s.
  • The artist will incorporate the rims along the roof line of Havoc with 15 Wheels, and there are plans to incorporate jewelry and gold teeth as well.

08:16 Real estate requires full-time commitment

  • Success in real estate takes dedication and hard work.
  • Consider exploring opportunities in land transactions for more potential.

11:14 Reflecting on favorite memories from catering events and the challenges of the restaurant business.

  • Discusses the satisfaction from catering family reunions and weddings, making everyone happy with the food.
  • Sheds light on the difficulties of the restaurant business and the challenges of balancing real estate and the restaurant operation.

14:16 Discussion about the need to always pay for meals and maintaining integrity

  • The friends talk about always paying for their own food as a matter of policy
  • They emphasize the importance of integrity and the need to always pay

17:00 Discussion about accidents at different intersections

  • Recalling a fatal T-bone accident at the BM Road intersection 20 years ago when the road was still two lanes
  • Expressing concern about the need for safety measures like a flashing light or traffic circle at the 421 902 intersection

19:13 Discussing potential locations for their next lunch meetup

  • Considering Goldston as a potential spot due to its Chatham county connection
  • Mentioning concerns about traffic and stop sign in Goldston