CrossFit 15-501 offers youth fitness and sports training options this summer

By Gene Galin

Chatham County, NC – As summer approaches, many parents face the perennial challenge of keeping their children active and engaged. In an era where digital screens often dominate leisure time, Tim Pedersen and his team at CrossFit 15-501 are offering a refreshing solution. With their new summer camp and sports training programs, CrossFit 15-501 aims to provide a dynamic environment for children and teenagers to enhance their fitness, improve their sports performance, and have fun.

“We provide kids the opportunity to come in and have some fun, get the kids out of the parents’ hair for about three hours,” Tim Pedersen explains with enthusiasm. “We do it from 9 to 12 on a daily basis, offering camps from June through August.”

Summer Camps: Fitness Wrapped in Fun

CrossFit 15-501’s summer camps are designed to promote physical fitness in a fun and engaging manner. By integrating games and obstacle courses into their routines, the children hardly notice they are working out. This approach not only keeps them physically active but also instills a love for movement and fitness from a young age.

“We set up obstacle courses, which are always a favorite of the kids. They love jumping, crawling, and overcoming different challenges we set up for them,” Pedersen notes. “It’s all about creating an atmosphere where they don’t even realize they’re working out – they’re just having fun.”

Bridging the Gap for Middle School Athletes

Recognizing a gap in the fitness regimes of middle school athletes, Pedersen has also introduced an evening sports performance program. This initiative is tailored for young athletes who finish their sports seasons and find themselves without a structured fitness program to maintain their conditioning.

“We saw middle schoolers who, once their sports seasons ended, had no place to continue their training. Our evening program runs from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, and is designed to keep them fit and ready for their next sports season,” Pedersen explains.

Incorporating Spartan Race Elements

A unique aspect of CrossFit 15-501’s training is its ocasional incorporation of Spartan Race elements. Pedersen, an avid Spartan racer, integrates elements of these challenging races into the kids’ training routines.

“A Spartan Race involves various distances – 5K, 10K, or 21K – with obstacles ranging from mud crawls to climbing walls. We bring elements of these races into our gym with monkey bars, rings, and obstacle courses. The kids absolutely love it,” Pedersen shares.

Focus on Mobility and Strength

CrossFit 15-501’s programs emphasize mobility, strength, and stability, which are crucial for athletic performance. For younger kids, the focus is on body weight exercises and mobility drills, while teenagers gradually incorporate weights into their training.

“One of our coaches specializes in how the body moves, and we emphasize drills that improve their ability to jump, move quickly, and maintain stability. This is paramount in any sport,” Pedersen says.

Programs for All Ages

CrossFit 15-501 isn’t just about youth fitness. They offer a variety of programs catering to different age groups and fitness levels, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to stay active and healthy.

Adults and Seniors

For adults, the gym offers classes early in the morning and throughout the day. Their “Legends” program, designed for older adults, focuses on maintaining muscle mass and overall fitness as one ages.

“I’m 57 and the oldest CrossFit owner in the area. Our Legends program is a more toned-down version of CrossFit, perfect for maintaining muscle and mobility as we age,” Pedersen states.

Integrating Nutrition and Lifestyle

Beyond physical fitness, CrossFit 15-501 emphasizes overall wellness, incorporating nutrition and lifestyle advice into their programs. Pedersen, certified in keto and intermittent fasting, advocates for a comprehensive approach to health.

“We believe in moving the body as the first line of defense for health. Proper nutrition and avoiding processed foods are key. Our diet advice focuses on real, whole foods, avoiding the 90% of supermarket items that are not truly edible,” Pedersen advises.

Witnessing Life-Changing Results

For Pedersen, the most rewarding aspect of running CrossFit 15-501 is witnessing the transformation in people’s lives. From children who develop a passion for fitness to adults who reclaim their health, the impact is profound.

“Seeing people come in and tell me their pain is gone, or they’ve lost weight, or they just feel better overall – that’s why we do this. It’s about more than just fitness; it’s about changing lives,” Pedersen reflects.

Building a Healthier Community

At CrossFit 15-501, Pedersen’s vision is clear: to provide a comprehensive, supportive, and fun fitness environment for all ages. Whether through their summer camps, evening sports programs, or adult fitness classes, the goal is to foster a healthier, more active community.

“Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive change, helping everyone from kids to seniors lead healthier, happier lives. All you have to do is walk through the door, and we’ll take it from there,” Pedersen concludes.

For more information, visit CrossFit 15-501’s website at or call 919-756-4545. The gym is located at 11552 Highway 15-501 North, Chatham County, NC.

Watch on YouTube – Tim Pedersen at CrossFit 15-501 – 5.17.24

00:17 Summer camp and evening sports program for kids

  • Summer camp provides kids with fun physical activities from June to August, focusing on flexibility, stability, and strength.
  • Evening sports program from 6:30 to 7:30 every Mon-Thurs to keep kids active and fit, with sports-specific training options.

02:49 Utilizing obstacle courses and Spartan races for conditioning

  • Combining drills into game-like activities for fun and effectiveness
  • Emphasizing mobility and body movement in workouts

05:08 Focused on improving mobility, agility, and stability through various drills and activities

  • Emphasizes the importance of movement, agility, and stability for overall athletic performance
  • Encourages building healthy habits in kids to prevent lifestyle-related health issues like diabetes

07:41 Exercise as a natural way to stay healthy and live longer without drugs

  • Exercise is a more effective anti-depressant than pills, especially for kids with anxiety and social issues
  • Options for adults include a nutrition challenge and regular fitness classes with showers

10:05 Introduction to Tim Pedersen and the program

  • Tim Pedersen discusses the Legends program which focuses on resistance training for older individuals.

12:31 Growing up with focus on nutrition and fitness

  • Grew up with strong emphasis on nutrition, vitamins, and health from parents.
  • Transitioned from health-focused upbringing to diving into fitness, coaching, and certifications.

14:47 Transition from backyard workouts to owning a gym and transforming people’s lives

  • Transitioned from backyard workouts to owning the gym and being part of people’s transformation journey
  • Focused on changing eating patterns to remove processed foods and reduce inflammation

17:16 Clean up diet and move body to improve health

  • Eating something salty at night can help reduce sugar cravings as the body knows how to get rid of salt but turns sugar into fat.
  • Cleaning up the diet can address autoimmune diseases and reduce inflammation, with exercise playing a crucial role in overall health improvement.

19:32 Reference to Old Cole Park Plaza at Wood Charter School

  • The Old Cole Park Plaza sign is now at Wood Charter School.
  • Contact information: 919-756-4545 or website for more details.