Layne Armstrong with 1st win in Seaforth wrestling history at State Tournament

Greensboro, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) began the three-day Individual Wrestling State Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum. Opening round bouts in the 14 2A, 3A, and 4A weight classes have concluded. Below are the results from the 2022 2A Individual Wrestling State Championship First Round matches.

Layne Armstrong of Seaforth high school

Layne Armstrong of Seaforth high school won by a 15-14 decision over Abraham Taha of West Davidson. This represented the first win in Seaforth wrestling history. Seaforth is Chatham County’s newest high school and this was the inaugural season for wrestling program at the school. The other three Seaforth wrestlers lost in their first round matches.

2022 NCHSAA 2A Wrestling State Tournament

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Championship First Round

106 lb.

Brayden Hall (Trinity, 46-8) won in tie breaker period 1 over Carter Duhon (Southwest Onslow, 25-5) (TB-1 6-5)

Kaden Shoup (Burns, 38-5) won by tech fall over Zayevion Jenkins (South Granville, 27-10) (TF-1.5 4:15 (17-0))

Jared Thomas (Morehead, 47-2) won by fall over Tajion Heath (North Pitt, 17-16) (Fall 2:50)

Andy Saine (West Lincoln, 27-7) won by major decision over Bernardino Garcia (Heide Trask, 19-10) (MD 9-0)

Sam Gosnell (R-S Central, 19-5) won by decision over Shatain Manvhong (Cummings, 20-5) (Dec 9-8)

Jose Pina-Velasquez (Forbush, 43-10) won by fall over Christian Price (Washington, 20-10) (Fall 1:31)

Lawson Vang (Bunker Hill, 35-3) won by tech fall over Bryson Gresham (J.F. Webb, 22-12) (TF-1.5 2:06 (16-0))

Xavier Salazar (Surry Central, 27-6) won by fall over Thalia Aquirre-Gomez (Manteo, 30-17) (Fall 0:46)

113 lb.

Isaiah Pittman (Newton-Conover, 45-5) won by fall over Bailor Peebles (Ayden–Grifton, 28-12) (Fall 1:18)

Trent Almond (Mount Pleasant, 38-7) won by fall over Brandon Davidson (Bunn, 19-5) (Fall 1:45)

Eli Leatherman (West Lincoln, 19-9) won by decision over Dakota Peele (North Lenoir, 15-9) (Dec 8-6)

Riley Shaw (West Wilkes, 45-2) won by fall over Oscar Tello (Graham, 14-4) (Fall 0:33)

Spencer May (Trinity, 42-4) won by fall over Brandon Nolasco-Rayo (Louisburg, 20-11) (Fall 2:58)

Sumter Horton (R-S Central, 26-9) won by fall over Braxton Woolard (Washington, 26-14) (Fall 1:41)

Layne Armstrong (Seaforth, 24-2) won by decision over Abraham Taha (West Davidson, 22-8) (Dec 15-14)

Christian Garcia (Bunker Hill, 38-6) won by decision over Gavin Yanez (South Lenoir, 25-19) (Dec 2-1)

120 lb.

Boedi Kirkland (Bandys, 28-4) won by decision over Carter Minton (West Wilkes, 38-6) (Dec 10-3)

Chris Haro (South Lenoir, 29-13) won by fall over Bradley Moseley (Roanoke Rapids, 11-7) (Fall 3:22)

Rayshun James (Reidsville, 33-2) won by decision over Zeke Grabowski (Owen, 29-5) (Dec 11-4)

Josh Novak (Southwest Onslow, 9-2) won by fall over Lockard Bowen (Seaforth, 13-9) (Fall 1:19)

Hayden Manning (North Pitt, 28-4) won by fall over Braulio Nolasco-Rayo (Louisburg, 17-15) (Fall 5:19)

Camden Spencer (Newton-Conover, 48-7) won by fall over Cole Waddell (West Stokes, 40-7) (Fall 5:44)

Austin Chastain (Bunn, 24-6) won by major decision over Jared Santiago-Lopez (North Lenoir, 31-12) (MD 11-2)

Raul Hernandez (Bunker Hill, 39-6) won by decision over Edwin Pozo (Forbush, 30-6) (Dec 2-1)

126 lb.

Isaac Campbell (Washington, 17-4) won by decision over Kreed Osborne (West Stanly, 38-10) (Dec 8-5)

JJ Patterson (Shelby, 16-2) won by fall over Evan Ray (South Granville) 23-18 (Fall 1:39)

Tyler Holland (Wilkes Central) 35-0 won by fall over Oliver Prygodzinski (East Carteret, 8-11) (Fall 1:14)

Chade Norman (West Lincoln, 27-10) won by fall over Nicholas Johnson (Heide Trask, 25-11) (Fall 4:27)

Scottie Spencer (Bunn, 27-2) won by fall over Joey Levix (Bandys, 33-10) (Fall 5:09)

Matthew Helms (West Stokes, 23-4) won by fall over Wyatt Reavis (South Lenoir, 17-13) (Fall 1:59)

Caleb Deaton (Lincolnton, 37-7) won by fall over Maddock Cody (Seaforth, 12-15) (Fall 1:31)

David McEachern (Mount Pleasant, 39-9) won by fall over Jemarion Folks (Ayden–Grifton, 21-14) (Fall 1:08)

132 lb.

Bryson Burkett (Bandys, 38-9) won by fall over Damarius Langley (Washington, 12-8) (Fall 0:22)

Landon Neal (West Stokes, 42-3) won by fall over Nate Clark (NCSSM, 10-8) (Fall 1:41)

Walker Bell (West Craven, 35-3) won by fall over Brian Bouttavong (Bunker Hill, 25-19) (Fall 3:34)

Luke White (Southwestern Randolph, 34-4) won by fall over Christian Still (Heide Trask, 18-8) (Fall 1:00)

Connor Goodman (Jay M. Robinson, 51-5) won by fall over George Hanna (Bunn, 7-8) (Fall 1:34)

Luke Heavner (West Lincoln, 29-6) won by fall over Jensen Miller (Southwest Onslow, 25-5) (Fall 3:15)

Anthony Brannon (Walkertown, 21-8) won in tie breaker period 1 over George Kittrell (J.F. Webb, 26-8) (TB-1 8-7)

Caleb Cox (R-S Central, 36-8) won by decision over Corey Fazekas (Northeastern, 24-7) (Dec 8-2)

138 lb.

John David Curtis (Burns, 33-3) won by decision over Avery Hodgson (West Davidson, 25-7) (Dec 11-7)

Shane Hatfield (East Carteret, 35-2) won by fall over Dallas Wall (Bartlett Yancey, 18-10) (Fall 1:08)

David Makupson (Trinity, 47-1) won by major decision over Rakeem Smith (West Caldwell, 29-16) (MD 11-0)

Jayvion Perry (North Pitt, 34-8) won by fall over Trever Johnson (Granville Central, 15-7) (Fall 1:38)

Gerald Johnson (West Craven, 30-5) won by fall over Jonathan Hayes (South Granville, 26-14) (Fall 1:58)

Will Nix (Bandys, 32-12) won by major decision over Alexander Ball (North Wilkes, 33-12) (MD 14-0)

Triston Younkin (J.F. Webb, 27-8) won by fall over Chase Ward (Holmes, 15-8) (Fall 2:39)

Walker Mains (Hendersonville, 45-7) won by forfeit over Cole Pritchard (Morehead, 36-5) (For.)

145 lb.

Edward Robles (McMichael, 21-8) won by decision over Dominic Szybka (Southwest Onslow, 23-4) (Dec 9-5)

Quinlan Hunter (Lincolnton, 40-7) won by fall over Elijah Collins (Cummings, 20-5) (Fall 1:21)

Jacob Price (Surry Central, 29-2) won by fall over Josiah Hynes (East Carteret, 36-21) (Fall 1:20)

Jaheim Hartsfield (J.F. Webb, 29-7) won by decision over Alex Betancourt (Bunker Hill, 40-6) (Dec 13-10)

Wallace Bowser (Roanoke Rapids, 17-4) won by decision over Jaxon Turner (Brevard, 16-11) (Dec 9-8)

John Perciful (Manteo, 36-11) won by decision over Donte Pope (Lexington, 34-12) (Dec 13-6)

Caleb Johnson-White (East Burke, 25-4) won by fall over Dakota Wall (Bartlett Yancey, 20-12) (Fall 1:56)

Ayden White (Morehead, 35-10) won by forfeit over Brady Stevenson (West Craven, 22-6) (For.)

152 lb.

Dilan Patton (Patton, 36-2) won by fall over Jacob Williams (West Craven, 31-15) (Fall 1:25)

Ephram Biggs (Morehead, 41-6) won by fall over Ethan Powell (South Granville, 22-15) (Fall 3:54)

Jason Brawley (Newton-Conover, 42-8) won by forfeit over Jeremiah Jones (Southwest Onslow, 18-4) (For.)

Casey Hohn (Trinity, 39-11) won by fall over Zyneal White (Cummings, 19-7) (Fall 3:06)

Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, 39-0) won by fall over Judge Lloyd (Seaforth, 13-13) (Fall 0:10)

Sam Wilson (R-S Central, 39-8) won by fall over Eddie Martinez (South Lenoir, 14-5) (Fall 3:58)

Zachary Wall (Anson, 21-9) won by fall over Damion Williams (J.F. Webb, 19-10) (Fall 1:45)

Mason Avery (West Lincoln, 31-8) won by major decision over Bryant Smith (Washington, 25-5) (MD 11-0)

160 lb.

170 lb.

Jason Rodriguez, Jr. (Southwest Onslow, 21-3) won by fall over Garrett Shore (North Surry, 21-10) (Fall 1:59)

Ian Moore (Bandys, 23-4) won by fall over Marcos Guzman (NCSSM, 14-8) (Fall 3:23)

Kyler Pickard (Mount Pleasant, 45-3) won by fall over William Moore (SouthWest Edgecombe, 18-8) (Fall 1:12)

Jacob Stockton (Brevard, 28-7) won by fall over Landon Dillane (Nash Central, 13-18) (Fall 1:55)

Donta Davis (Bunker Hill, 16-10) won by fall over Jakoby Casselman (Bartlett Yancey, 13-4) (Fall 5:14)

Brayden Millner (Walkertown, 22-7) won by fall over Zadynn Christian (North Johnston, 7-2) (Fall 5:00)

Richard Post (R-S Central, 32-5) won by fall over Tyrone Moore (Cummings, 6-13) (Fall 0:55)

Spencer Leclair (Surry Central, 30-3) won by fall over Eric Fazekas (Northeastern, 23-10) (Fall 1:18)

182 lb.

Andre Britt (St. Stephens, 39-5) won by fall over Blake Shinault (Oak Grove, 13-6) (Fall 2:28)

Jose Zambrano (Harnett Central, 24-4) won by major decision over Bryston Desousa (Dixon, 32-4) (MD 11-3)

Brady Ross (Central Academy, 36-1) won by fall over Evan Steiger (Foard, 31-8) (Fall 4:37)

Brendon Worsham (Orange, 29-6) won by fall over Tristan Marks (North Brunswick, 22-6) (Fall 5:29)

Nicholas Mascolino (Union Pines, 45-9) won by decision over Hiroki Cruz (West Carteret, 40-7) (Dec 8-1)

Johnathon O`Shea (Stuart Cramer, 44-5) won by decision over Solomon Howell (Eastern Guilford, 31-9) (Dec 8-6)

Jaden Paul (Cape Fear, 15-3) won by fall over Gage Tomlin (First Flight, 21-9) (Fall 2:23)

Alex Almaraz (Pisgah, 48-4) won by decision over Logan Lambeth (Asheboro, 41-4) (Dec 4-3)

195 lb.

Milosz Gargol (First Flight, 25-2) won by tech fall over Ian Shue (Carson, 25-15) (TF-1.5 2:24 (15-0))

Isaac Jennings (Franklin, 32-6) won by fall over Donvavan Frederick (Seventy-First, 14-7) (Fall 4:32)

Jonathan Hance (Central Davidson, 39-3) won by fall over Jace Wilkens (Swansboro, 33-10) (Fall 2:34)

Jadon Mintz (Tuscola, 26-6) won by major decision over Acoya Isley (Orange, 22-7) (MD 12-2)

Peyton Fisher (Kings Mountain, 34-7) won by decision over Michael Locklear (Scotland County, 21-4) (Dec 6-1)

Joshua Knipe (West Carteret, 39-4) won in sudden victory period 1 over Michael Brady (Asheboro, 30-15) (SV-1 4-2)

Colby Mace (Foard, 35-2) won by fall over Jeremiah Lumpkin (Williams, 20-6) (Fall 4:30)

Kelvin Daniels (Eastern Guilford, 33-7) won by decision over Chase Salter (White Oak, 39-9) (Dec 10-4)

220 lb.

Jose Flores (Southwestern Randolph, 28-8) won by decision over Jonathan Richardson (Washington, 18-2) (Dec 3-1)

Joseph Lioret-Tutty (Newton-Conover, 47-6) won by fall over Gabriel Soto (Bunn, 21-11) (Fall 4:48)

Chase Crayton (Mount Pleasant, 36-3) won by fall over Joseph Ortez-Rios (Southwest Onslow, 8-12) (Fall 2:40)

Adam Massey (East Gaston, 33-4) won by fall over Gabriel Robter (Roanoke Rapids, 11-5) (Fall 0:29)

Bernard Wingate (Lincolnton, 39-7) won by fall over Gavin Collield (NCSSM, 13-6) (Fall 1:21)

Reed Fugle (Salisbury, 23-4) won by fall over Nick Brewster (Manteo, 30-11) (Fall 1:08)

Alex Kerns (Madison, 38-4) won by fall over Gabriel Whittington (Nash Central, 16-16) (Fall 0:58)

Bryan Gordon (West Stokes, 45-1) won by fall over Daniel White (East Carteret, 43-6) (Fall 3:09)

285 lb.

DJ Spring (Maiden, 26-1) won by fall over Adam Turner (South Lenoir, 18-14) (Fall 3:12)

Alex Roland (West Wilkes, 41-1) won by fall over Dre Ragsdale (Cummings, 14-11) (Fall 0:31)

Dylan Lambert (East Gaston, 30-9) won by decision over Jacob Beamon (Greene Central, 26-11) (Dec 6-1)

Jaden Gaither (Salisbury, 16-5) won in sudden victory period 1 over Ariel Soto (Bunn, 22-10) (SV-1 8-6)

Colton Wood (Providence Grove, 33-9) won by fall over Javier Corona (Heide Trask, 6-9) (Fall 0:16)

Jarek Stewart-Karolweics (Brevard, 36-5) won by fall over Braylin Thomas (West Craven, 14-11) (Fall 2:00)

Devon Thompson (Bartlett Yancey, 19-5) won by fall over Montavious Waters (Monroe, 24-7) (Fall 2:35)

Robert Ward (Chase, 15-7) won by fall over Hayden Williams (East Carteret, 28-8) (Fall 2:33)

All wrestlers will return to action Friday morning as the Consolation First Round will get underway for 2A, 3A, & 4A at 9 a.m. followed immediately by the Championship Quarterfinals for each of those three classifications. All Wrestlers in the 1A Championships will begin their tournament with the Quarterfinals at approximately 2 p.m. on Friday.