Northwood’s Jake Dunning advances with a win in NCHSAA wrestling tournament

Greensboro, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) began the three-day Individual Wrestling State Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum. Opening round bouts in the 14 3A weight classes have concluded.

Jake Dunning of Northwood, (21-7) won in overtime over Tayshaun Glover of Dudley (14-7)

Below are the results from the 2022 3A Individual Wrestling State Championship First Round matches.

2022 NCHSAA 3A Wrestling State Tournament

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Championship First Round

106 lb.

Kane Bryson (Pisgah, 36-1) won by fall over Lily Prendergast (South Brunswick, 37-8) (Fall 3:15)

Mateo Dias Ruiz (South Rowan, 29-7) won by fall over Redmond Williamson (Northern Nash, 30-9) (Fall 2:45)

Caden Farris (North Brunswick, 24-4) won by fall over Charlie Price (South Point, 27-7) (Fall 3:07)

Daniel Graham (Southern Guilford, 22-8) won by fall over Fabian Rivera (Person, 27-4) (Fall 3:44)

Kyle Simpson (Parkwood, 45-6) won by tech fall over Keaton Crawford (Union Pines, 41-14) (TF-1.5 4:48 (20-5))

Trevor Moore (Kings Mountain, 33-10) won by decision over Cole Hunt (Jacksonville, 44-3) (Dec 7-3)

Samuel Aponte (Cape Fear, 29-3) won by fall over Levi White (North Davidson, 22-17) (Fall 3:25)

Carson Corl (South Johnston, 18-6) won by decision over Kaden Carptenter (North Gaston, 38-12) (Dec 9-4)

113 lb.

Charlie Sly (Stuart Cramer, 45-3) won by tech fall over Leah Edwards (East Rowan, 31-9) (TF-1.5 4:26 (17-0))

Christian Lemaire (Person, 22-3) won by decision over Ethan Brownlee (South Johnston, 19-7) (Dec 8-6)

Xavier Santos (Asheboro, 36-6) won by decision over Devean Huskey (East Lincoln, 25-8) (Dec 6-5)

Marquis Shaw (West Brunswick, 32-3) won by decision over Jayden Crawford (Union Pines, 42-11) (Dec 11-10)

Damarian Garner (Southern Durham, 34-8) won by decision over Skyler Oxford (West Carteret, 41-7) (Dec 11-5)

Karter Floyd (Foard, 36-4) won by fall over Adam Salazar (Eastern Guilford, 29-12) (Fall 1:43)

Fernando Martinez (Cedar Ridge, 39-8) won by major decision over Ethan Mccullough (South Brunswick, 33-8) (MD 13-3)

Caleb Haynes (North Gaston, 37-14) won by fall over John Courson (Oak Grove, 25-7) (Fall 2:38)

120 lb.

Kevin Obrein (West Rowan, 39-6) won by injury default over Tyler Cowell (Swansboro, 27-4) (Inj. 3:00)

Dakota Little (Westover, 23-5) won in sudden victory period 1 over Isaiah Morrison (Enka, 37-7) (SV-1 6-4)

Jackson Baglio (Central Cabarrus, 27-0) won by fall over Triston Woodard (East Wake, 24-7) (Fall 1:16)

Damon Landreth (West Henderson, 36-2) won by fall over Ramir Hall (Seventy-First, 16-9) (Fall 1:32)

Christian Rothrock (Douglas Byrd, 19-1) won by decision over Cesar Chavez Alonzo (St. Stephens, 37-10) (Dec 9-5)

Luke Heglar (East Rowan, 41-4) won by decision over Jacob Kresicki (First Flight, 21-6) (Dec 4-1)

Brayden Mejia (Foard, 41-3) won by fall over Braden Crawford (Orange, 31-14) (Fall 2:51)

Connor Wishon (Ledford, 38-5) won by fall over Andrew Woodard (Fike, 35-8) (Fall 5:50)

126 lb.

Parker Galliher (Statesville, 49-2) won by fall over Tommy Williams (Croatan, 18-18) (Fall 2:00)

Jacob Perry (West Rowan, 37-6) won by decision over Luc Young (Terry Sanford, 23-9) (Dec 6-2)

Isaac Gawronski (Swansboro, 41-5) won by major decision over Ryley Goble (South Point, 30-8) (MD 11-0)

Diego Gutierrez (Asheboro, 31-4) won by decision over Dillon Heffernan (Orange, 26-8) (Dec 11-4)

Kyle Montaperto (Central Academy, 37-0) won by fall over Logan Mitchell (Southern Lee, 25-10) (Fall 0:35)

Gunner Marshall (East Henderson, 35-5) won by major decision over Blake Austin (First Flight, 23-6) (MD 9-1)

Shyne Wharry (Southern Durham, 28-7) won by decision over Sam Workman (Central Cabarrus, 22-8) (Dec 11-8)

Mason Baker (Tuscola, 21-5) won by fall over Travon Brown (South Central, 14-5) (Fall 1:59)

132 lb.

Matt Karagias (Stuart Cramer, 36-3) won by fall over Christian Kluttz (Carson, 28-11) (Fall 2:29)

Cody Rutherford (Havelock, 32-5) won by fall over Jared Hutchins (Orange, 26-9) (Fall 2:50)

Marcus Jackson (Central Cabarrus, 31-2) won by decision over Ross Watts (Hibriten, 32-8) (Dec 9-2)

Barrett Klutey (Fike, 36-7) won by fall over Payne Garrett (Person, 24-7) (Fall 2:39)

Finnius McCafferty (Union Pines, 36-16) won by major decision over Mathew Lieberman (Currituck, 20-5) (MD 11-0)

Hunter Clark (Foard, 34-11) won by decision over Shayden Edwards (East Rowan, 22-6) (Dec 5-2)

Cameron Curva (Western Harnett, 34-6) won by tech fall over Braden Reynolds (West Carteret, 26-21) (TF-1.5 4:12 (15-0))

Elijah Harris (Central Academy, 30-7) won by decision over Henry Portella (North Henderson, 28-8) (Dec 9-4)

138 lb.

Brian Taylor (West Rowan, 36-8) won by major decision over David Saunders (Currituck, 19-10) (MD 10-0)

Xander Hill (Pisgah, 48-4) won by fall over Joseph Vrabcak (Union Pines, 31-17) (Fall 1:16)

Jacob Cox (South Rowan, 33-0) won by tech fall over Kenneth Hasman (Dixon, 18-7) (TF-1.5 3:09 (16-1))

Noah Tocaben (Enka, 44-2) won by tech fall over Cameron Small (Southern Nash, 25-14) (TF-1.5 4:45 (17-1))

Dawson Cody (Foard, 34-11) won by fall over Carson Boisvert (Cape Fear, 30-13) (Fall 1:49)

Tyriq Freeman (Central Cabarrus, 20-8) won by decision over Cody Raymond (Croatan, 29-8) (Dec 4-0)

Bray Trivette (North Iredell, 38-1) won by fall over Andrew Kimbrel (Northwood, 19-10) (Fall 1:19)

Daniel Tierney (Concord, 30-6) won by major decision over Giovanni Rodriguez (Swansboro, 34-16) (MD 12-0)

145 lb.

Zack Karagias (Stuart Cramer, 28-1) won by major decision over Scott Kresicki (First Flight, 22-9) (MD 11-3)

Logan Fite (Central Academy, 33-4) won by fall over Avery Clark (Orange, 24-12) (Fall 3:39)

Ryan Fisher (Currituck, 19-2) won by decision over Kalvin Khang (Freedom, 16-7) (Dec 6-1)

Sage Tala (Parkwood, 32-11) won by decision over Damien Beaver (Eastern Alamance, 26-6) (Dec 7-0)

Stephen Cotton (Southern Guilford, 21-3) won by major decision over Jackson Lusk (Franklinton, 16-6) (MD 15-5)

Stone Shapiro (North Buncombe, 29-3) won by fall over Kamar Brown (Northside-Jacksonville, 15-8) (Fall 1:23)

Ian Murdock (North Davidson, 37-8) won by decision over Gaige Lloyd (Union Pines, 40-6) (Dec 7-4)

Brock Carey (Foard, 40-4) won by major decision over Justin Root (Dixon, 29-8) (MD 14-4)

152 lb.

Greyson Harris (Enka, 44-1) won by fall over Ethan Treadway (Concord, 19-9) (Fall 1:21)

Azrael Simpson (First Flight, 21-4) won by decision over Connor Ligett (Carrboro, 32-8) (Dec 12-7)

Caleb Simpson (Parkwood, 46-6) won by decision over Jesse Osborne (Forestview, 35-7) (Dec 2-1)

Julian Rodriguez (Eastern Alamance, 22-6) won by fall over Drache Gooch (White Oak, 25-12) (Fall 3:54)

Theodore Yager (Swansboro, 47-4) won by decision over Deshawn Carty (Harnett Central, 18-6) (Dec 15-12)

Conner Weaver (Foard, 34-13) won by fall over Colin Lutz (Central Academy, 30-9) (Fall 1:15)

Calan Staub (Cape Fear, 31-4) won by fall over Dakari Pearson (Northside-Jacksonville, 19-10) (Fall 1:31)

Ulises Vega Delamora (North Henderson, 41-10) won by decision over Kelvin Espinoza (Atkins, 41-5) (Dec 5-2)

160 lb.

Drake Egan (Croatan, 35-4) won by fall over Marcus Bynum (Eastern Guilford, 34-12) (Fall 3:57)

Elijah Antis (Ashbrook, 25-6) won by fall over Andre Hill (Orange, 24-13) (Fall 1:03)

Aiden Curry (Central Academy, 31-1) won by fall over De`jon Fifer (White Oak, 31-14) (Fall 0:34)

Keith Rhodarmer (Enka, 25-11) won by decision over Gatlan Thompson (Cape Fear, 27-13) (Dec 11-5)

Matthew Peterson (Ashe County, 35-6) won by fall over Brock Sullivan (Union Pines, 44-9) (Fall 3:27)

Noah Harrell (South Brunswick, 37-6) won by fall over Roman Laing (High Point Central, 29-9) (Fall 2:52)

Zane Birtchet (Foard, 34-2) won by fall over Ethan Kuball (Northwood, 20-10) (Fall 2:00)

Luke Lambeth (Asheboro, 37-5) won by decision over Shawn Disbennett (Dixon, 23-6) (Dec 6-0)

170 lb.

Tucker Marshall (East Henderson, 29-2) won by fall over Eli Davis (CB Aycock, 27-8) (Fall 1:16)

Demarcus Carroll (Douglas Byrd, 24-4) won by fall over Noah Staub (Central Davidson, 23-11) (Fall 4:45)

Cole Reynolds (West Carteret, 41-2) won by fall over Andrew Kehoe (St. Stephens, 37-9) (Fall 3:57)

Nathan Williams (Triton, 33-6) won by decision over Jazeo Jaime (Central Cabarrus, 23-13) (Dec 7-6)

Salif Conneh (Eastern Guilford, 44-2) won by tech fall over Kaden Tatro (Cedar Ridge, 34-11) (TF-1.5 3:54 (18-2))

Joseph Plyler (North Lincoln, 45-7) won by major decision over Blake McCabe (Croatan, 19-7) (MD 15-3)

Aiden McCafferty (Union Pines, 48-0) won by fall over C.J. Harriill (West Rowan, 26-12) (Fall 0:53)

Adrian Desousa (Dixon, 32-7) won by fall over Bryan Rodriguez (Franklin, 32-4) (Fall 3:43)

182 lb.

Andre Britt (St. Stephens, 39-5) won by fall over Blake Shinault (Oak Grove, 13-6) (Fall 2:28)

Jose Zambrano (Harnett Central, 24-4) won by major decision over Bryston Desousa (Dixon, 32-4) (MD 11-3)

Brady Ross (Central Academy, 36-1) won by fall over Evan Steiger (Foard, 31-8) (Fall 4:37)

Brendon Worsham (Orange, 29-6) won by fall over Tristan Marks (North Brunswick, 22-6) (Fall 5:29)

Nicholas Mascolino (Union Pines, 45-9) won by decision over Hiroki Cruz (West Carteret, 40-7) (Dec 8-1)

Johnathon O`Shea (Stuart Cramer, 44-5) won by decision over Solomon Howell (Eastern Guilford, 31-9) (Dec 8-6)

Jaden Paul (Cape Fear, 15-3) won by fall over Gage Tomlin (First Flight, 21-9) (Fall 2:23)

Alex Almaraz (Pisgah, 48-4) won by decision over Logan Lambeth (Asheboro, 41-4) (Dec 4-3)

195 lb.

Milosz Gargol (First Flight, 25-2) won by tech fall over Ian Shue (Carson, 25-15) (TF-1.5 2:24 (15-0))

Isaac Jennings (Franklin, 32-6) won by fall over Donvavan Frederick (Seventy-First, 14-7) (Fall 4:32)

Jonathan Hance (Central Davidson, 39-3) won by fall over Jace Wilkens (Swansboro, 33-10) (Fall 2:34)

Jadon Mintz (Tuscola, 26-6) won by major decision over Acoya Isley (Orange, 22-7) (MD 12-2)

Peyton Fisher (Kings Mountain, 34-7) won by decision over Michael Locklear (Scotland County, 21-4) (Dec 6-1)

Joshua Knipe (West Carteret, 39-4) won in sudden victory period 1 over Michael Brady (Asheboro, 30-15) (SV-1 4-2)

Colby Mace (Foard, 35-2) won by fall over Jeremiah Lumpkin (Williams, 20-6) (Fall 4:30)

Kelvin Daniels (Eastern Guilford, 33-7) won by decision over Chase Salter (White Oak, 39-9) (Dec 10-4)

220 lb.

Dylan Smith (Foard, 43-1) won by fall over Jeffery Klugh (Currituck, 19-13) (Fall 5:53)

Cory Cranford (Ledford, 23-7) won by decision over Elijah Acosta (Orange, 29-4) (Dec 8-3)

Eddie Flores (North Iredell, 26-7) won by decision over Lance Deane (Havelock, 45-4) (Dec 3-2)

Jake Dunning (Northwood, 21-7) won in overtime over Tayshaun Glover (Dudley, 14-7) (OT 4-4)

Malachi Nettles (Triton, 18-4) won by decision over Karin Sein (Eastern Guilford, 39-2) (Dec 8-6)

Garrett Frazier (South Brunswick, 24-5) won by forfeit over Noah Sepulveda (Pisgah, 36-9) (For.)

Landon Sargent (Cape Fear, 34-3) won by fall over Zane Williams (Oak Grove, 24-8) (Fall 4:00)

Desaun Avent (Fike, 28-5) won by fall over Lucas Russell (Crest, 30-12) (Fall 6:00)

285 lb.

Rory Johnson (North Buncombe, 30-0) won by fall over Jackson Greene (Central Davidson, 15-5) (Fall 1:24)

Jaylen Jones (Havelock, 39-13) won by fall over Wyatt Rickard (Lee County, 12-8) (Fall 1:14)

Jamier Ferere (Southern Guilford, 33-0) won by fall over Steven Hamby (Statesville, 33-5) (Fall 2:58)

Eteuati Taula (Jacksonville, 26-11) won by decision over Hugo Vazquez (Orange, 23-8) (Dec 4-1)

Kellen Devries (Union Pines, 42-13) won by decision over Dallas Bailey (CB Aycock, 36-4) (Dec 7-5)

Christian Hercules (West Rowan, 36-4) won by decision over Giovanni Bernal (Hunter Huss, 33-4) (Dec 8-2)

Trevquan Gary (Person, 29-5) won by decision over Brian Miethker (White Oak, 21-12) (Dec 9-6)

Cody Hardy (Parkwood, 31-3) won by major decision over Phillip Terrell (Franklin, 26-6) (MD 10-2)

All wrestlers will return to action Friday morning as the Consolation First Round will get underway for 2A, 3A, & 4A at 9 a.m. followed immediately by the Championship Quarterfinals for each of those three classifications. All wrestlers in the 1A Championships will begin their tournament with the Quarterfinals at approximately 2 p.m. on Friday.