Disney’s “perfect town” should fit right in

By Joan Triplett

Pittsboro, NC – Looks like Disney’s “perfect town,” Asteria, should fit right in with Chatham county‘s direction.  I watched the YouTube video that Common Sense Carl suggested and a few more about Disney towns. Sounds like “Nightmare on Elm Street.” What an awful idea! 

image by FreePik

We already have a huge area that once was a lovely rolling countryside clear cut and leveled to create Chatham Park. What an eyesore! Sure there are some pretty homes but why level the area? I know the answer! Anyway I appreciate the link and hope this one just falls through the cracks never to come to fruition.

Our property taxes are already way too high already.  Somebody will make a fortune, but it sure will not be the lifetime residents who are now taxed beyond belief.  Plus how are we going to accommodate more traffic in the town of Pittsboro?  It’s so heavy now that it’s a danger to drive through town or walk across the street. It used to take about twenty to thirty minutes to get to Cole Park during rush hr now with all the stop lights and traffic it’s at times 40 minutes from my side of town. Hope they bring in a road to accommodate the hoards! 

I realize I have no say so but I needed to vent. I’ve lived here all my 72 years. I would sell out in a second!  But I live on the wrong side of town next door to a “YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WE ARE THERE” rock quarry.  Yes that was a joke that was not funny. That’s what I and my neighbors were told when we protested the quarry before it was begun. The noise is so far from that description that it’s hard to imagine.

That’s life in Chatham County’s seat.

Venting over.