If I only had a bigger spoon

By Nathan Allen Booko

Pittsboro, NC – I have given it a great deal of thought. If I only had a bigger spoon, I could eat more, faster. But, gee, that would mean that I probably would need a bigger bowl to hold more soup so it didn’t empty so fast. But wait. Where is all that extra soup coming from? That means I will have to make more soup. I could add extra ingredients to fluff up left over soup, but using leftover overs would deprive the compost bin of valuable ingredients to work with. Less fertile compost means fewer veggies growing  to make that little bit of soup that needs extending.


If I continue to eat more soup faster, I’m gonna gain weight. Bigger waistline means a new bigger belt. Bigger waist, new bigger pants. Bigger body means less well paying photo ops with top modeling agencies. Pounding the pavement looking for other modeling jobs passes me beside the soup kitchens . . I never used to ever need a handout. But depending on handouts. If I had a bigger hand I could hold bigger handouts. Many times I have heard my fans yell “give the guy a really big hand.” But wait  a moment. How small is it of me to even be thinking of a really big handout? And just how large is a big handout compared to a small handout?

A bigger spoon and a bigger hand-out feeding me more soup may be exactly what I need to begin this glorious new year. But alas, with such quick changes comes a breakdown in the familiar, the routine. New pathways, new directions. The old familiar maps no longer will work. Life’s dark alleyways and steep cliffs still loom ahead. But I shant think about that today. After all. Tomorrow is another day to make a batch of really good soup. Size of spoon really doesn’t matter. Just the simple act of lifting that steamy mouthful of emotion filled hot adventurous libation sends me into orbits that only its heavenly heights can achieve.