Looking ahead: Pittsboro’s updated wastewater allocation policy

Pittsboro, NC – At the December 11, 2023, meeting of the Town of Pittsboro Board of Commissioners meeting, the Commissioners approved a Wastewater Allocation Policy intended to manage the remaining capacity available in the Pittsboro Wastewater Treatment Facility. The Wastewater Allocation Policy, which was last updated in June of 2022, is designed to help manage treatment capacity in a careful and considerate manner. This policy will manage allocations until additional capacity is developed through the utility system merger with the City of Sanford and provides an orderly process to manage future capacity as it becomes available.

For those interested in receiving an allocation or who are generally interested in the policy, a copy of new Wastewater Allocation Policy can be found at pittsboronc.gov/159/Engineering.

Community members and stakeholders should address any questions to the Town’s Engineering Department at (919) 533-5480.