Karen VonCannon: 2023 Chatham County Employee of the Year

Pittsboro, NC – On December 18, 2023, Chatham County Human Resources Director Courtney Jones gave a special presentation at the Board of Commissioners meeting in Pittsboro recognizing Karen VonCannon as the County’s 2023 Employee of the Year.

Karen VonCannon is the recipient of the Chatham County 2023 Employee of the Year Award.

VonCannon has served the residents of Chatham County for more than 15 years while at the Department of Social Services. She currently serves as the Food and Nutrition Supervisor and Program Integrity Supervisor.

As stated in the nomination submission for VonCannon: “Karen is compassionate, caring, and diligent in making sure her employees know how valuable they are to her team and to the agency. While under Karen’s leadership, not only did she supervise a staff of eight employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the cyber incident in the County, she has also helped recover thousands of dollars in fraud overpayments to the County and State of North Carolina over the past several years.”

Chatham County staff were asked to submit nominations for 2023 Employee of the Year. The Workforce Development Committee received many qualified nominees.

“We are so fortunate to have Karen as an employee, and she is a great example to her colleagues,” said Jones. “Karen embodies the true spirit of Chatham County with her hard work, commitment, and passion to serve the people of our commun