Frustration with BB&T and SunTrust merging

By Phreddie Popp

Pittsboro, NC – The rumor was for months that BB&T and SunTrust were merging. This transpired sometime in the summer. I was astonished to open my Sun Trust account and find that I had “0” balance in my checking and savings accounts. It took several hours to find my money.

Upon inquiry and talking with the bank, when I finally got in touch with them, I was told that the the consolidation of the two banks resulted in there being too many customers, and they (by law) had to “sell off” my account to a third bank, Horizon Bank.

I was told by a bank representative that the closest Horizon was in South Carolina. Needless to say this ticked me off. but, upon further investigation, I found out that the Sun Trust in Pittsboro on Hillsborough Street had been changed to Horizon. So, that little problem was resolved.

To further add to the aggravation of all of this, I needed to cash a check last week. I went to the, what was the Sun Trust bank at Farrington 1.5 miles from my house, thinking it was also changed to Horizon. However, it had remained Sun Trust, and they would not cash my small check of less than $200.

I had been a customer since around 1964 when it was Central Carolina Bank. I stayed with the bank through all of the buyouts, and even worked for the family that founded the bank for 20 years, and they absolutely would not cash my check. I believe that George Watts Hill, Sr., and Jr., would, as the saying goes, “turn over in their graves” if they knew how Sun Trust was treating people that had been their faithful clients for 60 years.

And, while on the subject, since closing the Sun Trust branch on Hwy 64, the parking on Hillsborough street does not make it convenient for people to not have a drive through. This is especially true for older customers who may not find it easy to navigate the parking situation, and the uneven sidewalks in town. Maybe Chatham Park will eventually help with this problem and Horizon will open a drive through somewhere in the new development.