Do residents really want to play excess taxes?

By Nia Smith

Pittsboro, NC – I read the last Chatham Chatlist post from Chatham County Democrat activist Virginia Penley with interest.

photo by Sharon McCutcheon

I quote Virginia Penley here:  “From my understanding the tax paying residents of District 1, Karen Howard, actually pay more to Chatham County in taxes every year than the combined total for the western districts of 4 and 5.  I believe even District 2 around Pittsboro, which is represented by Mike Dasher, pays more than 4 and 5 combined.”

Do the residents in District 1 and 2 use more services? According to the county’s 2019-2020 budget, schools account for 39 cents of every tax dollar.  Do District 1 and 2 have more students than 4 and 5?

My read of Bill Crawford’s post and yours is you both think District 1 and 2 pay lots of taxes.  Your point seems to be the residents of District 1 and 2 don’t mind paying those excess taxes you mentioned and you and Howard/Dasher/Crawford don’t mind collecting more taxes than are needed by county government.

It seems you’re insinuating since District 1 and 2 are more populous and so pay more taxes than Districts 4 and 5, that Districts 4 and 5 don’t deserve to be represented on the County Commission, which is what at large Commissioner voting does.  Taxing without representation has consequences; but that’s history not taught in progressive public schools.

You asked why Andy Wilkie was the only one who signed up for the County Commissioner job.  That’s easy. Who in the world would want to spend time around Karen Howard, Jim Crawford, and Mike Dasher?  It takes the entire old courtroom to fit their egos and a thimble to hold their collective wisdom.