Picking those ‘futuristic’ cherries

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – The other day at the grocery store, I noticed they had fresh cherries by the pound. I remember too many times getting ‘stung’ by the taste and most times I just don’t buy them. But I yielded and spent nearly nine dollars on a small quantity; just under two pounds.

food red sweet raw
Photo by Pixabay

As I munched, I began to wonder if those dreadfully hard seeds would germinate. I had never tried it before. So I saved 102 seeds and carefully washed and planted them yesterday, August 23. How many will germinate, I wonder. Also wondering if all 102 will germinate. That would be enough for an orchard.

I read up on cherry trees. It seems that it takes a seed from eight to ten years to bear. As I see it, it would be 2030 or there-a-bouts when they produce fruit. I am 85 years old. That means I will be at least 95 years old at cherry picking time. Undoubtedly if I don’t need help planting 102 trees, I’m probably gonna need some help picking the fruit. Don’t know what the yield of the average cherry tree is, but I recon it might be around 102 cherries per tree. My math not what it should be, but that appears to be a lot of cherries.  What in the would would I do with that many cherries?

Not aware of any cherry festivals nearby.

I may be well in over my head on this one. Perhaps if they grow too rapidly, I should chop some down around February 22? By George, I can’t lie.

Will have to give it some serious thought.

BTW, six short rows are easier to hoe than 3 long ones