Agreement gives affected mobile-home owners $8,300 per unit to relocate by July 31

Siler City, NC – 1206 East Eleventh Street, LLC (the “Company”) and the representative for the Johnson Mobile Home Park have reached an agreement to provide relocation assistance to the residents of the park. The Company purchased the Johnson Mobile Home Park in November of 2017 in Siler City, North Carolina in connection with a substantial capital investment and job-creating goals within the community of Chatham County, North Carolina. Mountaire Farms plans to bring more than 1,000 jobs back to Chatham County. The project has and will have a significant positive economic impact for the city, county, and state.

Chicken production house. (via wikipedia)

In order to accomplish these goals and to provide relocation assistance, as part of its settlement the Company will agree not to collect past-due rent from any resident. Additionally, the Company has offered financial relocation assistance of $8,300 for each mobile-home unit if all residents relocate by July 31, 2018. The total amount of this offer is $232,400.

The company had previously agreed to let the families live there rent-free until moving out, and that continues to be part of the deal. As part of the settlement, the value of the nine (9) months’ of rent forgiveness for residents amounts to $1,890 per mobile unit or $52,920. The total monetary assistance being offered by the Company to mobile-home owners to assist in their relocation is equal to $10,190 per unit or a total of $285,320 for all 28 mobile units.

This offer has been accepted by the Hispanic Liaison on behalf of all the residents in the Johnson Mobile Home Park. The Company will continue to work diligently with all affected residents, and their representative to ensure the monies are distributed in an efficient way to all parties. The Company is pleased a final resolution has been accepted by the Hispanic Liaison on behalf of the Johnson Trailer Park residents.