Month: April 2014

Is Jane Forbes the smartest person in Chatham County?

Former Chatham Coalition Commissioner George Lucier better watch out. Looks like someone is looking to replace him as the “smarterst person in Chatham County.” Found this proclamation by PittsboroMatters’ member Jane Forbes at the Chatham Chatlist web …

Comcast and Time Warner Cable score low on latest Consumer Reports customer satisfaction survey

Comcast and Time Warner Cable earned low customer satisfaction scores in the latest Consumer Reports National Research Center’s survey of consumers about their experiences with television and Internet services. The low customer satisfaction scores should give the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice ample reason to be skeptical of a proposed merger between the two companies, according to Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports.

Saying thanks is not enough

“Thanks for your service.” Maybe we have done a better job of showing appreciation to the members of the armed forces who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan than we did for those who served in Vietnam. Some opponents of that war made many Vietnam veterans feel that coming home was like leaving one war only to be thrown into another.

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Who will get Chatham Park construction jobs?

Chatham Park construction contracts will be let by “Chatham Park Investors (AKA Tim Smith and Bubba Rawls)” based on the vendors capacity to perform the service, personal relationships and knowledge of prior performance, and price. Builders and realtor…