Day: April 29, 2014

Town of Pittsboro Board of Commissioners meeting agenda – 4/28/14

The town of Pittsboro Board of Commissioners will meet on Monday, April 28 in the Pittsboro Town Hall at 7 pm.Related:Official Chatham County, NC

Who will get Chatham Park construction jobs?

Chatham Park construction contracts will be let by “Chatham Park Investors (AKA Tim Smith and Bubba Rawls)” based on the vendors capacity to perform the service, personal relationships and knowledge of prior performance, and price. Builders and realtor…

Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Costco & Sprouts top Consumer Reports supermarket ratings

When it comes to supermarkets, biggest isn’t always best. In Consumer Reports’ latest survey, Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Costco and Sprouts earned the highest scores overall among 55 of the nation’s major grocery stores; Walmart, America’s largest grocer, landed at the bottom of the ratings, based on a survey of 27, 208 subscribers. The report, which includes the entire Ratings of grocery stores and tips for saving time and money at the supermarket, is available in the May issue of Consumer Reports.

Crayons and rednecks

I read something on the Chatham Chatlist about crayons and rednecks. Facts were used in the process of making the post and after reading it I had to ponder on it a bit. I’m not sure what possessed the writer to write the post or what the point of it wa…

What I Have Learned from the Chatham Chatlist

I was relieved to learn that Tom Glendenning feels the Chatlist is a viable place to share our opinions. That was a relief to me, since I was uptight about Cryptic’s willingness to waste patchouli oil in his engine. I wasn’t that worried about Taylor K…