Day: April 26, 2014

Chatham County teacher selected for LearnZillion Dream Team

Amy Phillips, eighth grade math teacher at Bonlee School, isn’t afraid to try new things to engage her students. Phillips is at the forefront of the flipped classroom approach in Chatham Count, essentially an instructional strategy where lectures and notes happen over video or podcasts for homework and problem solving and reinforcement happen in the classroom while the teacher is available to answer questions. Phillips has found great success with this method and her students are thriving.

Consumer Reports reveals the best used cars and ones to avoid

With prices at historic highs – even for models with high mileage and seemingly excessive wear – and with so many vehicles from which to choose, shopping for a used car can be a challenge. To help Americans choose the best used car for their money, Consumer Reports compiled a Best & Worst Used Cars list for model years 2004 through 2013.