Day: March 1, 2014

Exposed! The intolerance of Mary Phyllis Horn and Pittsboro Matters

Well everyone, we had an opportunity to see the Intolerance of Mary Phyllis and the gang at Pittsboro Matters with her simple little question in Chatham Chatlist #4823. All you need to know about Mary and her tiny little group at Pittsboro Matters is s…

Who will get Chatham Park construction jobs?

Chatham Park construction contracts will be let by “Chatham Park Investors (AKA Tim Smith and Bubba Rawls)” based on the vendors capacity to perform the service, personal relationships and knowledge of prior performance, and price. Builders and realtor…

Volunteers needed for Clean Jordan Lake’s March 15 cleanup

On Saturday, March 15, Clean Jordan Lake volunteers will participate for the fifth year in the Haw River Assembly’s annual Clean-Up-A-Thon. Fran DiGiano, president of Clean Jordan Lake, said “while other groups remove trash along the Haw River from Greensboro to Bynum, our volunteers are assigned to stretches of the Haw River Arm of the lake.”