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Consumer Reports names 10 Top Pick cars for 2018

Chevrolet Impala takes top honors as large car by Consumer Reports.

Yonkers, NY – Consumer Reports today announced that seven new vehicles that made its 2018 Annual Top Picks list—the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry, Chevrolet Bolt, Toyota Sienna, Ford F-150, BMW X3, and Audi A4. The Top Picks list of…

Consumer Reports: Five tips to save time in the kitchen

Five to ten minutes may not seem like much, but when cooking a weeknight meal, almost half of Consumer Reports subscribers said they wished they could get those minutes back. The average difference between actual time spent and what respondents desired…

Consumer Reports finds that four in ten smart phone users fail to take the most basic security measures

A smart phone can contain a lot of information that its owner would rather keep private. But 39 percent of the more than 100 million American adult smart phone owners fail to take even minimal security measures, such as using a screen-lock, backing up data, or installing an app to locate a missing phone or remotely wipe its data, according to Consumer Reports’ Annual State of the Net survey.