Dalton Brown returns to Northwood as head football coach

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Dalton Brown, a familiar face to many in the Northwood High School community, has stepped into the role of head football coach, bringing with him a passion for the game, a commitment to player development, and a deep connection to the school’s legacy. In Thursday evening’s meet-and-greet event at Northwood attended by players, parents, and supporters, coach Brown outlined his vision for the team, emphasizing the values of communication, hard work, and community engagement.

A Homecoming for Coach Brown

For Brown, coaching at Northwood isn’t just a job – it’s a homecoming. As a graduate of the school himself, with deep family ties to the community, Brown’s roots run deep in Pittsboro. With his wife Brianna, son River and daughter Joy, and his mom and step dad in attendance, Brown expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to return to his alma mater and lead the football program.

“My mom was inducted into the Hall of Fame here at Northwood,” Brown shared with pride. “We’ve got green and gold running through our blood. I’m Pittsboro through and through. I’m happy to be here. I’m happy to be home.”

A Focus on Communication and Connection

Central to Coach Brown’s approach is the importance of communication, both on and off the field. As he continues to finalize his coaching staff and prepare for the upcoming season, Brown emphasized the significance of hiring coaches who not only possess football expertise but also demonstrate a genuine love for the players and a strong work ethic.

“Do you love the players, and are you going to work hard?” Brown posed to his prospective assistants. “If I have those two things, I can teach you football.”

Parents were assured that under Brown’s leadership, their children would receive not only quality instruction but also a supportive and nurturing environment. “When your kids are here with me, they’re going to be loved,” Brown assured parents. “They’re going to have an example of what hard work looks like.”

Building Player-Lead Teams

Coach Brown’s philosophy centers on empowering his players to take ownership of their team and their success. Through his “Be the One” mantra, Brown encourages players to step up, lead by example, and take initiative both on and off the field.

“I want the guy that’s going to be the one,” Brown declared. “The one who’s going to step up, be a leader, and make things happen. Player-led teams are a whole lot better than coach-led teams.”

A Commitment to Excellence

In addition to fostering leadership and teamwork, Coach Brown stresses the importance of excellence in all aspects of his players’ lives. With the acronym “WIN” – standing for “What’s Important Now” – Brown reminds his team of the immediate priorities, including academic success, community involvement, and, of course, on-field performance.

“We’re going to win in everything we do,” Brown affirmed. “We’re going to win in the classroom, we’re going to win in the community, and we’re going to win football games on the field.”

Engaging the Community

Beyond the gridiron, Coach Brown aims to strengthen ties between the football program and the broader community. Recognizing the vital role of community support in the success of high school athletics, Brown expressed his desire to involve players in community service initiatives and to garner increased attendance at games from local fans.

“The community is only going to be all about support,” Brown stated. “It’d be great to get all that support showing up on Thursdays and Friday nights. A lot goes a long way.”

Northwood head football coach Dalton Brown with his wife and children along with his mom and step dad. (photo by Gene Galin)

A New Era Begins

As Coach Dalton Brown embarks on his journey at the helm of the Northwood Chargers football program, he brings with him a wealth of experience, a deep sense of community pride, and a clear vision for success. With an emphasis on communication, leadership, and excellence, Brown is poised to lead the team, both on and off the field.

“I’m excited to be here,” Brown affirmed. “I’m ready to get to work.”

Summary of coach Dalton’s Brown Meet & Greet video
🎓 Dalton Brown’s introduction:
Thanked everyone for being present.
Introduced his family: wife Brianna, son River, and Joy.
Mentioned his mom’s Hall of Fame induction at Northwood.
🗣 Communication:
Emphasized the importance of communication moving forward.
Introduced a barcode for group meet access for players and parents.
👥 Hiring Assistant Coaches:
Criteria: Love for players and willingness to work hard.
Stressed the importance of love and hard work over football knowledge.
🏈 Player Expectations:
Motto: “Be the one” – Encouraged players to step up and lead.
Highlighted the significance of player-led teams.
🏆 Winning Culture:
Emphasized winning in all aspects: classroom, community, and on the field.
Stressed the importance of current priorities for future success.
💼 Offseason Focus:
Emphasized the importance of grades and accountability during the offseason.
Encouraged excellence and accountability in all endeavors.
🤝 Community Engagement:
Expressed the desire for community support and involvement.
Plans to involve players in community activities and fundraising.
🏋️‍♂️ Hard Work:
Defined hard work as showing up and doing one’s job without excuses.
Acknowledged the evolution of training methods while maintaining a strong work ethic.
🤔 Questions:
Answered questions about personal experiences in sports and coaching philosophy.
Highlighted the significance of humility, teamwork, and community support.

Watch Meet & Greet with new Northwood head football coach Dalton Brown – 4.18.24

00:09 Dalton Brown, the new head football coach at Northwood, introduces himself and emphasizes the importance of communication and hiring assistant coaches who love the players and work hard.

  • Dalton Brown is a Northwood graduate and is happy to be back home.
  • Communication will be a priority, and he plans to use a group meet platform to communicate with players and parents.
  • He is in the process of hiring assistant coaches who love the players and are hardworking.
  • Players will be loved and have a strong work ethic example from him and his assistant coaches.

02:14 The new Northwood head football coach emphasizes the importance of leadership and winning in all aspects of life.

  • The coach wants players who will step up and be leaders on and off the field.
  • He believes that player-led teams are more successful than coach-led teams.
  • The coach wants the team to focus on winning in the classroom, community, and on the football field.
  • He stresses the importance of grades and eligibility for the upcoming fall semester.

04:22 The new Northwood head football coach is excited to start and emphasizes the importance of communication and teamwork.

  • The coach will provide all necessary information for players and parents in the GroupMe app.
  • The coach expects the players to focus on the little things, such as attending classes and showing up on time.

06:32 The new Northwood head football coach, Dalton Brown, talks about his experience as a college football player and coach, and the importance of humility in sports.

  • He played college football at Campbell and was a captain All-American.
  • He learned a lot from his coaching experience in college.
  • Playing with his buddies and the sense of pride in Northwood brings him the biggest smiles.
  • He emphasizes the importance of humility and listening, which he learned from his mom.

08:42 The new head football coach emphasizes the importance of community support and hard work.

  • Coach wants the players to be involved in the community and fund raise.
  • He highlights the growth of the community over the years.
  • Coach believes that community support on game nights motivates the players.
  • Hard work to him means showing up, doing your job, and no excuses.