Chatham County Sheriff’s office seizes firearm from student at Northwood high school

Pittsboro, NC – In response to an incident at Northwood High School in Pittsboro on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office has taken action to address a potential threat to school safety.

The Sheriff’s Office was alerted that a 14-year-old student brought a firearm to the school, displaying it to
another student, and issuing threats to carry out a shooting on school premises.

Responding to this situation, deputies from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office visited the student’s residence, seizing the firearm from the student. Deputies will be filing juvenile petitions with the Department of Juvenile Justice in reference to this investigation.

Sheriff Mike Roberson emphasized the commitment of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office to ensuring the safety and security of the community.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” Sheriff Roberson said. “We will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the well-being of our school environment. School safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we urge the public to be vigilant. Tips from the public are essential in helping us maintain a secure environment for our students.” 

“Ensuring the safety of every student is our top priority in the Chatham County School system,” said Chatham County Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Anthony D. Jackson. “In Chatham County Schools, unsafe and dangerous behaviors will not be tolerated, accepted, or ignored. Students who violate our Code of Civility may face disciplinary consequences, including the possibility of long-term suspension. The creation of a secure environment for all students is non-negotiable for both students and staff.”

Dr. Jackson added, “I want to commend the Northwood administration and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office for their immediate response to these concerns. It’s important to stress that safety is a shared responsibility. We encourage everyone to report any potential threats to school safety promptly to the appropriate authorities. Your vigilance is crucial in upholding the well-being of our school community.”

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and the Chatham County Public School System aim to reassure the community that, following law enforcement and school administration intervention, there are no additional concerns regarding school safety related to this matter. As an added precautionary measure, however, extra Sheriff’s Office staff will be present at Northwood High School on Friday, January 19, to offer additional support and ensure the ongoing safety of students and staff, and school counselors are also available if needed.