In defense of the Pittsboro True Value

By Kimberly (last name withheld by request)

Pittsboro, NC – I am writing in to share my concerns about a recent article in the Chatham Journal.

The recent article about the closing of Dollar Tree did not fall in line with the typical quality of the journalism I’ve come to expect from the Journal. This article was informative for people that might not know our local Dollar Tree is closing, however I found the slander against True Value very disappointing.

I’m aware True Value Hardware is not a local business, however neither is Dollar Tree. I’ve had excellent experiences at True Value, arguably better experiences than I’ve had at the Dollar Tree. I’ve come to prefer True Value over our other hardware store option, Lowe’s. It’s unfortunate we don’t have more local options to shop at, but I don’t see it as the role of the Chatham Journal to publish the author’s personal experience as everyone’s reality.