End of an era: Farewell to the Pittsboro Dollar Tree

By Thurman Maness

Pittsboro, NC – It is true. That good old standby store where you could get your dollar’s worth is now officially closed. Over the years it had become a regular stop on my Pittsboro shopping sprees. Why did it close you might ask? Seems they had no choice. Their lease was up and the new complex owner wouldn’t renew it. Apparently the new owner of the hardware store owns the whole complex. Rumors are that the P.T.A. Thrift shop will meet the same fate when their lease is up. Both of these stores are the center’s biggest draws.

The Pittsboro Dollar Tree sign coming down on Wednesday. (photo by Gene Galin)

As for the new hardware store; it is constantly growing in inventory. I mean, it just goes on and on. But oddly enough, you seldom encounter another shopper in there. Ironically, the Dollar Tree store frequently had items selling for $1.25; a very, very similar item of no better quality was priced at $12.95 in the hardware. Hummingbird Bird feeders for one thing, $1.25 at dollar tree, starting at $15 at the hardware store.

I can’t remember just when UPS opened in the hardware, but it caught on fast. You could constantly see folks taking in packages. But I’m wondering just how many spontaneous sales the hardware got out of it. A lot fewer than they expected, I’m guessing.

In the beginning, I thought I would have duplicate car keys made at that  hardware, but four out of five just wouldn’t fit and open car doors.

Now today, after seeing with my own eyes that the Dollar Tree was actually closed, I felt the urge to justify stopping in the center, so I ventured into the hardware store. Land sakes! Would you believe, entering now from the west side (Dollar Tree side) the hardware has done some rearranging. You can’t turn right  and just go to the United Parcel place. You must now walk straight ahead for about twenty feet in the middle of new merchandise shelves, then turn and walk back to the United Parcel area.

The cash register and such is now located along the front window. But who am I to second guess big time operators? After all, I can’t find my keys or socks that match.

Do go by and visit the hardware store. We need a hardware for so many things. But please Mr. Hardware Store owner, a little more “down home” would go a long way.