Chatham County Sheriff’s Office gets spooky with Halloween team-building exercise

Pittsboro, NC – Taking a short break from their daily duties, personnel at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in a spirited, Halloween-themed team-building exercise.

In a friendly competition that engaged their creativity and teamwork, staff from all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office – from Patrol Officers to Detention Center staff, from Administration to Animal Resource Center personnel – formed more than two dozen teams tasked with conceiving and crafting unique carved pumpkin designs.

Each team received a realistic foam craft pumpkin and simple instructions: to plan and create an impressive Halloween-themed design.

“I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to take part in a fun, creative healthy competition,” said Renee Burger, an administrative assistant with the Sheriff’s Office and the creative mind behind the pumpkin competition. “That’s really what it’s about, getting everyone to band together and think outside the box. Everyone works in such a high-stress job, it’s nice to do something that brings out the fun side, the camaraderie. It’s giving everybody a little bit of levity in their day.”

This seasonally appropriate and light-hearted assignment found teams working diligently planning and executing their unique ideas, each reflecting the diversity of skills and talents within the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. 

Designs were chosen with the competition’s judges in mind: Pittsboro Elementary School students.

Working with foam craft pumpkins, the teams ultimately created a wide array of impressive Halloween-themed art. One team, employing carving skills and paint, transformed their foam pumpkin into an apple core; while another turned theirs into “Taylor Swiftkin.” Another team’s pumpkin — after a few choice cuts, a splash of blue paint, and the addition of a pair of googly eyes – became Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street,” complete with a cascade of chocolate chip cookies spilling from his mouth.

The results of the competition were arranged at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s headquarters in Pittsboro, where staff and visitors were treated to the eye-catching Halloween display.

The Sheriff’s Office invited students from Pittsboro Elementary School to be the judges of this friendly competition. The young judges will assess the pumpkins based on creativity, originality, and overall aesthetic appeal, with a winning pumpkin to be revealed on the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page on Monday. All of the pumpkin contest entries may also be viewed on the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page and all are invited to “like” their favorite entries.

“It’s essential to maintain a strong and positive connection with our community, especially with the younger generation,” said Sheriff Mike Roberson. “Engaging with the students from Pittsboro Elementary School was a great opportunity to enhance understanding and trust between our agency and the community we serve. And as a team-building experience, our staff really utilized this opportunity to find more ways to work together while showcasing their talents to create something fun.”

Photos of all the entries are included on the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.