Dave Doeren’s vision for the upcoming NC State football season

By Gene Galin

Charlotte, NC – In a breakout session during the ACC Football Kickoff on Thursday, NC State Football Coach Dave Doeren discussed a wide range of topics, including the impact of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals on student-athletes, the team’s involvement in charitable activities, changes to the ACC Football Championship format, the offensive transition, expectations for the upcoming season, and the importance of fan support at home games.

Embracing the NIL Era

As the NIL landscape continues to evolve in collegiate sports, Coach Doeren expressed his support for the opportunities it provides to student-athletes. He emphasized that NIL deals have enabled many players to give back to their communities, both locally and globally. As a leader, Coach Doeren allows his players to choose the organizations they want to support, be it through charitable endeavors or NIL sponsorships. He lauded their generosity and community involvement, which has made a positive impact beyond the football field.

Changing the ACC Championship Format

Coach Doeren welcomed the recent decision to do away with the divisional status for the ACC Championship game. He believed this change was long overdue, advocating for a true showdown between the two teams with the most league wins. The new format aims to level the playing field and ensure that the championship game features the two best teams in the conference, making it more meaningful and generating more excitement and attention.

Offensive Transition and Philosophical Shift

With a new offensive coordinator, Coach Doeren seeks to infuse a fresh perspective into the team’s offensive strategy. He acknowledged the challenges faced last season due to quarterback injuries and believed that the offensive changes were necessary. Doeren expressed his confidence in the new offensive coordinator, Robert Anae, and his innovative approach to rejuvenating the offense. The players’ eagerness to learn and adapt to the new system bodes well for the upcoming season. Coach Doeren expects a more dynamic offense, emphasizing the importance of both big plays and consistent gains to achieve their goals. The team aimed to strike a balance between explosive plays and consistent yardage gains, enhancing their chances of scoring.

Preparing for the Season Ahead

As the new season approaches, Coach Doeren praised the seamless transition of quarterback Brennan Armstrong into the program. Brennan’s hard work and dedication, coupled with his familiarity with the offense, have made him an integral part of the team. The focus on player safety and injury prevention has resulted in a more comprehensive approach to preparing for the season. He acknowledged the uncertainties that come with injuries and lineup changes, emphasizing the need to be flexible and adapt to different situations. The defense looked promising with several key players returning and new talents stepping up to make their mark.

Embracing the Underdog Mentality

Reflecting on the difference in expectations from last year to the current season, Coach Doeren welcomed the underdog role for his team. He believed that the chip on their shoulder and the hunger to prove themselves would fuel their performance. The coach acknowledged that preseason predictions and rankings hold little significance, and the team’s focus remains on earning their success through hard work and determination.

The Importance of Fan Support

Coach Doeren expressed his excitement about playing tough opponents at home, citing the incredible support the team receives from the NC State fanbase. With a remarkable record of 16 wins in the last 17 home games, the coach highlighted the impact of the passionate fanbase, particularly the electrifying student section, on the team’s performance. He emphasized that the dedicated support at Carter-Finley Stadium provides a significant advantage for the Wolfpack.

As the team enters the 2023 season with a revamped offense and an underdog mentality, the Wolfpack aims to make a statement and win games with style.

Watch NC State Football Coach Dave Doeren’s Breakout Session

00:08 NIL deals are helping student athletes and contributing to their communities.

  • Student athletes have the opportunity to choose which organizations to get involved with.
  • As a leader, the head coach raises money for charity and supports the players’ choices.
  • The team is gracious with their time and actively gives back to the community.
  • The best play of the season was during a game against UNC.

03:06 Head-to-head matchup of the two most successful teams generates excitement and attention

  • Previous year’s success does not guarantee results in the current year
  • Strong defensive lineup with talented secondary and linebackers
  • Philosophical change in offensive strategy to bring fresh energy and excitement

05:33 Winning with a top-ranked offense and defense is not unrealistic.

  • He handle the transition to our program well, proving himself through hard work and treating people well.
  • He already has extensive knowledge of our offense and can provide examples and guidance to coaches and players.
  • Playing Notre Dame is enjoyable and beating them is a goal.
  • Facing top-ranked teams is great for our program and players.

08:16 Playing in an awesome environment with competitive teams

  • Financial and player experience benefits
  • Enjoy being the underdog

10:33 Being a leader and helping players achieve their goals

  • The coach is happy with the current leader and believes he has put the team in a good position for the future
  • The coach’s focus is on pushing the players to reach their goals, whether it’s playing in the NFL or winning championships
  • The coach sees each year as a new opportunity to write the team’s story
  • The coach finds joy in working with the players and staff
  • The combination of the transfer portal and NIL has made recruiting more challenging
  • The coach hopes for legislative remedies to address illegal recruiting practices
  • The team’s goal is to have more explosive plays and score more touchdowns

12:47 Having dynamic players and transfers fitting well into the program and culture

  • The team is excited about the potential of players like Keon and shrimp clinics, KC conception, and Jordan Houston in the running back room
  • The transfers brought in have been great fits for the team
  • Complimentary football played a key role in the team’s success, with good defense, special teams, and limited turnovers
  • The coach doesn’t want to go through another season with multiple injuries

15:37 Focus on player safety and education

  • Studying ways to be safe and educating players on practicing, sleep, nutrition, and supplements
  • Importance of communication and creating a family atmosphere
  • Positive outcome of increased communication on social issues and racial diversity

18:18 Having two shutdown corners helps Coach Gibson’s defense be more aggressive and provides trust for the secondary.

  • The cornerbacks, Eden Light and Shy, have excellent ball skills and are strong and tough.
  • Having a strong home field advantage with fan support makes a difference in performance.