Chatham County Sheriff’s office adds new hires and issues promotions

Pittsboro, NC – With their left hands placed atop Bibles and their right hands raised, Kyler Aney and Dakota Morrow this week took oaths of office, becoming the newest members to join the Chatham
County Sheriff’s Office.

The two new Detention Officers were sworn in Tuesday, March 14 at the Historic Chatham County Courthouse in Pittsboro during a ceremony which also included recognition for six members of the Sheriff’s Office who were promoted to new positions; three who received new assignments; and others recognized for their years of service and other notable contributions.

The new officers’ badges – each pinned on their uniforms by family members — carry great significance, as do the badges worn by all sworn officers, Capt. Ronnie Miller explained.

“The badge represents service, dignity, truth, dedication, accountability, and justice,” Miller said. “We expect you to recognize this badge as a symbol of public faith and public trust.”

It also represents the wearers’ commitment “to uphold the U.S. Constitution to the people that you serve. Many who have worn this badge,” Miller said, “have performed their duties honorably. They have sweat, fought, been bloody, cried, afraid, and some have died during the call of duty upholding the honor and respect for the badge.”

Sheriff Mike Roberson also underscored the badge’s significance. “What I ask you to do,” Sheriff Roberson said, “is every day when you pin this on, remember the promise that you made for public trust. Public trust is the only thing we have and that’s the only way this badge works. If the public doesn’t trust us, the badge doesn’t mean anything.”

The new detention officers, in addition to being sworn in, were formally welcomed into “our extended family here at the Sheriff’s Office,” said Steve Maynor, a longtime member of the Sheriff’s Office, who, with a new appointment, also achieved a milestone during the ceremony. “It’s my honor,” Sheriff Roberson said, “to appoint Steve Maynor as Chief Deputy.”

Sheriff Mike Roberson (right) congratulates newly appointed Chief Deputy Steve Maynor.

The Chief Deputy’s post “is probably the hardest job in the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Roberson said. “I’m very proud of the work Steve has done. He’s been here for many, many years. There’s still a lot of work for us to do in this office. I’m proud of Steve’s leadership as we move forward.”

Maynor acknowledged the “opportunity and privilege the Sheriff has given me,” and recognized his family and co-workers for their support. “I would not be here if it wasn’t for each of you,” he said. “We have the best Sheriff’s Office in the state of North Carolina, and I’m proud to be here with each and every one of you every day.”

Other members of the Sheriff’s Office were promoted to new positions and ranks, including Detention Officers Melissa Robinson and Jessica White promoted as Staff Sergeants; Michael Cox and Robbie Hussey promoted as Staff Sergeants in Field Operations (Patrol); and Reggie Griffin promoted to Community Resources.

Receiving new assignments were Ricky Culberson (Training), SSgt. Rischetta White (Community Service) and Marcus Hart (Investigator).

Several awards and certificates were also presented to recipients who, due to work scheduling conflicts, were unable to attend the Annual Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Award Ceremony held in February.

Those award recipients were Tyler Clark, Jenifer Ruiz, and Anthony Norton, recognized for five years of service; and Michael Cox, Ronnie Miller, and Andy Phillips, recognized for ten years of service.

A Meritorious Award was presented to Chris Burger for distinguished service and professionalism. Burger has earned a reputation for exemplary service and proven himself as someone who can always be relied on.

  • Victim Assistant Dawn Stallings was honored as the Rookie Civilian of the Year.
  • Detention Officer Chris Marcum was honored as Rookie Detention Officer of the Year.

Certificates of Appreciation were given to:

  • Evan Bass, in recognition of his efforts to assist with recruiting.
  • Michael Cox, for his leadership and compassionate response during times of complexity and heightened stress with suicide calls.
  • Anthony Norton, for his leadership and commitment to furthering the mission of the Sheriff’s Office within the Chatham County School System through his role as a School Resource Officer.
  • Jessica White, for her unfailing efforts to assist with recruiting others to the agency.