A cautionary tale: How dodging crowds and wearing masks didn’t save me from getting sick

By Nathan Allen Booko

Pittsboro, NC – Don’t think I’ve avoided getting COVID shots and all the boosters. I’ve had five shots in all, I believe. I wore a mask, I dodged crowds. All without incident until the day after Thanksgiving. Friday. Something, COVID, or a virus hit me hard. Violent sneezing, drippy runny nose. No fever. No pain. Chest congestion within hours. Spent most of weekend in bed sleeping. Volumes of fluid released from my head. My chest rattled and I coughed a lot. I never felt really sick.

photo by Kelly Sikkema

Over the next week or so, the congestion seem to move up and less coughing. I hadn’t seen a doctor or used the COVID test kit. But the moisture in my chest persisted. Not painful, but annoying.

By December 28, it all seemed to have disappeared except for a clogged feeling in my right ear. When drops didn’t take care of that, I saw my doctor, thinking it was ear wax. Nooo. He said my right ear was full of water. Left ear only slightly affected. Two prescription medications should cure it he thought. Two weeks; it worsened. Some of the pills made me vomit. Different doctor, different prescription. Two weeks no change. Third trip and still different medications.

It really isn’t painful, but constant popping and clicking when I chew or swallow. The last medicine has made me nervous and jittery. I also took some over the counter decongestant which seem to do more than the prescription did.

How’s that?? Whatcha say? You say the doctor is a hen? Oh, you say the doctor is in?