School system should not be teaching anything outside of reading, writing and arithmetic

By Dedrah Earles

Pittsboro, NC – I appreciate all the dialogue about Critical Race Theory (CRT). If I may, I’d like to just say that whether we agree with what is in CRT or how it is presented or not, it comes from someone else’s perspective, opinions and morals. Some of us will agree with whatever company or organization is presenting it but some of us won’t, therefore the battle continues.

Elementary school children

What it really boils down to for me is the fact that I am the one responsible to teach my children, and the school system should not be teaching anything outside of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I will always push back on anything that takes the right away from my child and yours to think for themselves. I pray we teach them love and kindness. But again, we parents have to start taking responsibility for what we teach our children. Mine are grown, I have regrets (many) but wisdom comes with time and experience and fortunately mine are kind and loving while strong and fierce. Our country, while not perfect, is developing wisdom as well. It’s a natural process.

As an adult, I am responsible for ridding my heart of anything outside of love and kindness toward my fellow man and I don’t need meetings, or rules or anything else forced upon my ears or mind or eyes to tell me what my heart is. You can change a person’s behavior but NOT their heart.

As a Christian, the bible teaches me daily to tender my heart towards others, turn the other cheek when they can’t do the same, but it is ALWAYS about the heart. I fail miserably at times but am ever evolving through change of that very heart. With that, the behavior changes voluntarily.

If you are not a Christian then you can find answers or guidance from whatever source you choose, but I pray we find guidance from the inside out versus the other way around.