Guns shows at Chatham Ag Center provide a safe place for folks to learn about and compare firearms

By Mark Stinson

Silk Hope, NC – The offensive gun show at the Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center you refer to is controlled, safe and a good place for folks to not only learn about firearms but to safely compare and find the proper firearm for self defense, hunting, or sport shooting. And your right; its OUR agricultural center and farmers who are naturally big into agriculture are also big into guns for all of the above reasons.  I think it’s awesome to have a family friendly event to go learn and compare firearms.  When I grew up it was not uncommon to see our shotguns and rifles in our pickup windows at school . No one got shot.  Guns didn’t get any more dangerous, people did.

photo by David Huck

When we grew up break-ins were rare and shootings even more rare. I can assure you we had as many guns then as now.  If you choose to be gunless that is entirely up to you. It’s your right.  One of the things to consider is with the arrival of gangs, drug dealers and other assorted criminals who definitely do not get their firearms legally in Chatham, many of us like to have some sort of equalizer in our homes to defend ourselves.  Democrat, GOP, Libertarian, black, white, red, straight, or LGBT all have the right to defend themselves in any way they see fit when they feel their life or the lives of their loved ones or another defenseless person is in imminent life threatening danger.

Democrat, GOP, Libertarian, black, white, red, straight, or LGBT all have the right to defend themselves

Mark Stinson

I am like many who have watched shootings take innocent lives and in every one of these horrific events there was no good guy with a gun present to stop the perpetrator.  Gun laws and gun restrictions only disarm law abiding citizens. If you take all the guns you can take from law abiding citizens, criminals will still have them and find a way to get them when everyone else can’t.  People who kill for the sake of killing don’t care about laws or anything else for that matter other than the deed they intend to commit. Evil finds a way .

So yes, I think its awesome to have a positive, healthy event for people to compare, purchase and learn more about how to defend themselves in a world where people have less and less respect for human life. You appear to be  hiding behind an anonymous post name which means you probably don’t want people to know that you’re gunless, because criminals prefer gunless victims.  Why do you think these evil people target areas like schools? They are gun free zones and no one will shoot back. 

This is just my opinion and it doesn’t matter to me if people agree or disagree as its just that; my opinion. You asked for it; here it is.    

Mark Stinson’s post was a response to a post last week on the Chatham Chatlist.

From: algums63079
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2022, 12:46:46 PM EDT
Subject: Chatham County’s Big Bang-up Gun Show and sale

Guess I shouldn’t be shooting off my mouth about this, but was just wondering how proud Chatham County is to be offering and supporting the Show and sale of guns and firearms at OUR Chatham County Agricultural center in Pittsboro ?

Al “Gunless” Gums