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Guns shows at Chatham Ag Center provide a safe place for folks to learn about and compare firearms

white and black man with guns

By Mark Stinson Silk Hope, NC – The offensive gun show at the Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center you refer to is controlled, safe and a good place for folks to not only learn about firearms but to safely compare…

My opinion for what it’s not worth

Girl with American USA flag in a field

By Mark Stinson Siler City, NC – If half the self righteous people who throw stones at others because they won’t fall in tow behind them and agree with their radical beliefs would actually stop and listen to themselves and…

Chatham Journal’s Top 50 Chathamcentric videos of 2016

Top 25 Chathamcentric videos of 2016

Pittsboro, NC –  Here is a compilation of Chatham Journal’s Top 50 most popular Chathamcentric videos of 2016. There videos were  created by Chatham Journal’s multi-media journalist Gene Galin.  1 11th Inning Home Run & Celebration as Northwood defeats Webb…