Guns and idiots

By Mark Stinson

Silk Hope, NC – This is in reference to Al’s comment in his post that appeared in Thursday’s Chatham Chatlist: “Count the numbers of innocent people now dead due to someone with a gun in a public place.”

Photo by Joel Moysuh

I know this is pointless but have you ever looked at statistics where guns were used properly by law abiding citizens? It seems to me you assume gun owners walk around looking for their next victim. But you know what is more dangerous than guns? Idiots. Idiots that jump on a bandwagon against something or someone without knowing all the facts and to my understanding the facts at this time are not available .

If there is no official story, no public statement about what happened, no clear facts, the best thing is to let law enforcement do their job. The truth always comes out, whether it was intentional or an accident we will know. Pittsboro Police department and our Chatham County Sheriff’s department are staffed with very professional, caring human beings that in my opinion do an excellent job.

You’re worried about people you see carrying a gun when you need to worry about the gangs from Durham slipping into Chatham selling their drugs. They have guns too and they hide them until a gang fight erupts or you’re a victim and find yourself dead because you didn’t have a gun to defend yourself. Gangs aren’t the only issue. We have garden variety crooks and meth heads who will break into your house in the middle of the night.

I would rather have a gun and not need it than need it and not have it .

You are right, our safety and peace of mind matters. That’s why many of us have guns and sleep very well at night , peacefully knowing we can defend ourselves.