What is the worst advice you could give someone new to Chatham County?

Compiled by Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – We asked the question “What is the worst advice you could give someone new to Chatham County?” on the Chatham Chatlist Facebook page and the Chatham Chatlist discussion group. We received an assortment of somewhat serious and humorous responses. Here are some of the answers we got. Might you add anything?

photo by Jon Tyson

I believe that the worst advice I could give a newcomer to Chatham County is the same as the worst advice I could give to anyone, anywhere. I would tell them to think only of themselves, to be suspicious of their neighbors, and to be rude and belittling to people whose ideas are different from their own. That is the absolute worst advice I can imagine.

Wishing all of my neighbors a safe, happy, and prosperous 2022!


“Lose the R,” said the woman behind me in line at the PTA Thrift Shop.

She had been listening to me interact with the cashier and said, “You’re not from ’round here, are ya?” I turned to look into her face, my eyes wide. “What tipped you off?” And when she told me to lose the R, I blushed speechless. I left the store feeling unwelcome and humiliated.

In the following months, I worked hard to lose my R’s, at least in public. I practiced my “Hey,” in the mirror hoping to master its three-syllable cadence. I would fit in!

Fourteen years later, I do feel welcome and accepted, despite, or perhaps, because of that unsolicited advice at the PTA counter. So, worst advice, or best advice, I’m not sure.


Trust the commissioners.


This county is just waiting for you to make it into a modern suburb.


Don’t ever expect any night lights, shoulders on any roadside or public transportation. So things like walkways or bike lanes or fast rail can only be considered blasphemy🤣And savings in tax does not justify that move. Better off in Wake Durham or Orange county any day even with all their crap and crowd


Living here is cheap, the internet is lightning fast, and your well water will never need filtering…ever.


The internet service is great.


Everyone recognizes your inherent superiority and is eager to be told how to live based on how things were done in the sewer you were forced to flee.


Invest in a generator. You could lose power from a mosquitoes sneeze. And patients on the road for all the Lance Armstrong wannabes.


Well…If you like coffee, Mexican restaurants or auto parts stores you came to the wrong place you might as well find somewhere else to live because we don’t have either of those here 🤣🤣😂😂


Also 2 Greek restaurants, 5 pizza places


Drink the water!


Drink the water and go out in the woods in may. The ticks aren’t so bad.


People are so welcoming. Especially the folks on the farm your new subdivision borders. If you just ask, they will happily stop shooting all weekend long, riding ATVs, and setting up deer stands on your property line.


Drink the water unfiltered.


Just cause we have a southern accent doesn’t mean you are smarter, so DON’T treat us like we are dumb. If you do, you will make an enemy quick.


No traffic whatsoever.


This is the worst county for artists


That county has the BEST guys to date.


Don’t expect much from the local officials that were voted into office by low IQ voters. They are worthless and clueless as to what the county needs.


Stay busy 😂 Ain’t nothing to do.


Prepare to be assaulted by liberals.


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