State Board of Elections certifies 2020 general election results

Raleigh, NC – The State Board of Elections on Tuesday voted to certify nearly all contests in the 2020 general election, including the presidential contest.

Photo by Dan Dennis

“Canvass” means the entire process of determining that the votes have been counted and tabulated correctly, culminating in the authentication of the official election results. The State Board canvasses the votes cast in statewide, multicounty, and judicial contests and authenticates the count in every ballot item in the counties by determining that the votes have been counted and tabulated correctly.

This certification came after the 100 county boards of elections certified results at the county level and after a series of post-election audits by election officials verified the counts.

More than 5.5 million registered voters cast ballots in the election, or 75.4 percent of registered voters.

To view the canvass documents, go here: here. To view the post-election audit report, go here

The following contests were not canvassed or authenticated due to pending election protests:

  • Chief Justice of the N.C. Supreme Court
  • District Court Judge – 10F (Wake County)
  • N.C. House District 36 (Wake County)
  • Hoke County Board of Education
  • Wayne County Register of Deeds

Tuesday’s state canvass was the culmination of an extremely busy year for elections officials across North Carolina.

Election workers pulled off a successful election with the highest voter turnout in North Carolina history and a staggering increase in absentee-by-mail voting. They did so while protecting themselves and millions of voters from a deadly virus, ensuring that no COVID-19 clusters were tied to voting sites in North Carolina.

Certificates of election will be issued to prevailing candidates on or about November 30, unless an election protest is pending.

2020 General Election by the Numbers

7.36 million: Registered NC voters (most in NC history)

5.55 million: Ballots cast (most in NC history)

75.35: Percent turnout of registered voters (most in modern NC history)

1 million: Absentee by-mail ballots cast (most in NC history)

471: Early voting sites (most in NC history)

77,887: Early voting hours (most in NC history)

348,000: In-person early votes cast on October 15 (most ever in a single day)

3.63 million: In-person early votes cast (most in NC history)

900,000: Approximate ballots cast on Election Day (November 3)

2,660: Precincts open on Election Day

57,017: Poll workers recruited through Democracy Heroes program

14 million: Items of personal protective equipment delivered to county boards of elections

6 million: Single-use pens delivered to county boards

0: Clusters of COVID-19 tied to voting sites in North Carolina