Welcome to The Chatham Matrix

By Doug Sedlak

Pittsboro, NC – In this edition we highlight UNC Chapel Hill graduates of the Gomez Flores family.  Our candidate Commissioner (pictured with family inc sister): franklinforcommissioner.com/about.html

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Photo by Markus Spiske

His sister is a recent hire of non-profit Hispanic Liaison of Chatham County:

We also shout out to non-profits generously funded by our UNC-dominated “public servants,” led by our commissioners.

In the next installment entitled The Chatham Matrix Reloaded, we’ll assess a “reload” of stone dead silence by the Chatham County Board of Health and Commissioner Crawford (UNC) to intentional racial bias in County Health documents.

As a teaser for the third installment of The Chatham Matrix… Could intentional racial bias set up Chatham county to be sued?  Sued by whom, and who might profit in a secret NDA-protected out of court settlement?  An intriguing name is on tap for the third installment. But you gotta ask!