NC votes top 1.4 million. Chatham County leads with largest percentage of registered voters having already voted

Raleigh, NC – With a strong showing from mail-in and early voters, North Carolina on Saturday eclipsed more than 1.4 million votes in the 2020 general election.

In Chatham County, 16,952 early votes had been cast. This represents 29.5% of the registered voters in the county. This is the highest percentage of registered voters in a county who have already voted.

With more than two weeks until Election Day, more than 19 percent of registered voters have already cast ballots.

As of the close of voting on Saturday, October 17, North Carolina voters had cast 605,322 ballots by mail and 828,456 ballots in-person.

The in-person early voting period began Thursday and ends October 31. Voters may find sites and hours in their county using the One-Stop Early Voting Site Search Tool:

More Access to Early Voting

For 2020, North Carolina has more early voting sites than in 2016 and a significant increase in hours. Every county in North Carolina will offer weekend voting during this period.

 2016 Election2020 ElectionPercent Increase
Number of One-Stop Sites4534714.0%
Number of One-Stop Hours43,337.7577887.0079.7%

For a breakdown of voter turnout by county, visit The turnout maps will be updated each morning.

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