T-squares and rotten cucumbers

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – I bought another T-square today. I found it at the mall in Siler City. It is a good one. Built to perfection. Looks to be accurate and easy to use. Mind you, this may be the third or fourth one I’ve bought in the past five years. But crimminy! I haven’t used any of them. They all seem to disappear into the great unknown and I end up working without out it.

I had never heard of a T-square when I was a child. We didn’t need such things. We had nothing and got along just fine. Oh, we had big ideas; saying we were going to do this and do that. When we got to talking a little too big, one of the other kids would pipe up and shout “Yeah, you’re gonna do great wonders and eat rotten cucumbers.” That usually stopped our boasting.

1954 saw me buy my first T-square, in New York City. At age 18, I had a job waiting for me in the fall after graduation. I worked in the art/design department of a textile firm that manufactured mattress ticking fabric. I made original designs; on paper and frequently used the t-square to make the striped patterns.

Skip-hop over the next fifty years, I still have my original T-square, although I haven’t the foggiest idea where it is, or where any of the other dozen or so I own. But I assure you that this new T-square is going to put to good use; or at least I’m gonna think about it. As a matter of fact I have lots of plans for it. Just you wait and see.

Photo by Lo

I can’t remember just how many weeks ago I stashed those fresh picked pickling cukes in the frig. They are just now probably starting to be past due.