Central Carolina Community College Community announces IT project

By Mike Peluso

Pittsboro, NC – It is that time of year where we submit a request for problems for the 2021 Spring semester CTS289 System Projects class.

close up photography of woman sitting beside table while using macbook
Photo by Andrew Neel

This course provides advanced computer students an opportunity to complete a significant support project with minimal instructor assistance. Emphasis is placed on students’ written and oral communication skills as they work through project definition, planning, documentation, development, installation, testing, presentation and user training.

What does that mean to you?

We are looking for organizational problems that can be solved with the use of a computer-related solution that can be completed in one semester (if you are unsure, please contact Mike Peluso, x7550 or 919-718-7550). These projects have the potential to benefit a local business or non-profit organization. Please feel free to forward this email if you know of someone in need as well (preference will be given to non-profit organizations).

We are doing things a little bit different this year to encourage critical thinking and creativity.  The primary contact for the project is expected to provide myself (and the students) with the “problem”, but not the solution to the problem (or exactly what you want the project to look like).  As part of the learning process, it will be the students responsibility to figure out the best way to solve the problem (i.e. You have trouble keeping supplies stocked because you don’t know when they are low).

Examples of projects completed in the past:

  • A departmental website to provide information for current students and graduates,
  • A scheduling system to schedule virtual lab time on equipment,
  • A website for a non-profit tutoring center in Dunn,
  • A gaming program for the English Department to use in classes,
  • A reservation system for the Culinary Department,
  • An inventory system for the Electronics Department to keep the labs in order.

Project Sponsor Responsibilities:

For those whose projects are selected, responsibilities will include the following:

  • Communicate details of the problem to the students
  • Meet periodically throughout the semester (most likely virtually)
  • Verify an acceptable result at the end
  • Optional (if allowable): Attend student presentations.

To have your problem considered for a project please fill out the short form:

Alternative Method:

1.  Please send an email to Mike Peluso with a project request, including as much detail as possible, by November 1, 2020 (Feel free to send this early).

2. Please include CTS289 in the subject line of the email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call (ext. 7550 or 919-718-7550).