Problems with local liberal’s “embedded dog whistle” message

By Bill Crawford

Pittsboro, NC – While I am happy that Virginia Penley sees fit to read my writings on the Chatham Chatlist, her skews on the language and economics are typical of her efforts.

First, being that Districts 1, 2 and 3 are populated by wealthier residents than 4 and 5, the fact that they are paying more in taxes should surprise no one. Given that we operate most public taxation in America as a percentage and not a flat rate, this is the way it is supposed to work.

This is another version of the increased sales tax proposals: find a way to make it sound like you aren’t paying as much as you are, find some constructive ways it is spent to make you feel guilty about giving more up to the government and (most importantly), pay no attention to the man behind the curtain trying to increase your percentage to cover their inability to control spending. Only after that would it be worthwhile to discuss how raising taxes is a damned lousy way to attract business to Chatham to allow the Board of Commissioners to stop the daisy chain of property and sales tax increases on homeowners and consumers to pick up their slack.

Second, see if you can get around to sticking to the issues and expand your vision of your opposition to Andy Wilkie beyond him being “flawed”. And for God’s sake, stop playing the faulty memory card and lionizing Walter Petty and his “large shoes” (I agree with that, by the way) as if you didn’t talk about him the way you did when he held office.

You and yours play the same game in the Trump era with the Bush and McCain families – you don’t think we remember y’all talking about how stupid and out of touch they were ten years ago? Give me a break.

Third, while I applaud a young Hispanic running for office here, I’d be more interested on how he thinks about the countywide zoning that so many of the constituents he would be representing in District 5 vehemently opposed. Would he be looking to stand against the other Democrats on that, or complying with the wishes of Mike Dasher and his Democrat Board?

Photo by Gustavo Fring

Finally, please enlighten us with the nature of my “embedded dog whistle message” and assuming that we don’t “recognize it for what it really is”, give us your more direct take on what I am trying to say here, Virginia. I’d really be interested in that one.