Pittsboro Community Lunch reopens as carryout

Pittsboro, NC – In its twelth year bringing people together, St. Bart’s free Community Lunch will resume Thursday, July 9, but only on a takeout basis.

pre-Covid photo from saint-barts.org

“It’s the best we can do for now, given the pandemic and need to be safe,” said Terry Transue, who manages the lunch program for St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church. “Hopefully, it will let our regular diners, and newcomers, touch base with our team of volunteers, while driving by to take home a good meal at no cost.”

Unlike the traditional Community Lunch, which was held in the church’s parish hall, everyone who participates will have to register in advance – by calling the church (919-542-5679) or signing up while waiting for lunch.

“Out volunteers are taking every precaution,” Transue said, “and meals will be handed safely to folks in their vehicles.” Everyone must wear a mask, he added, including all occupants in a vehicle. No one will leave their car, though locals who live nearby may walk up.

Main dish for Thursday’s lunch will be Maple Sausage Grits Puff, a grits-egg casserole with Swiss chard on the side. To sign up, leave a voicemail with the church including your name, phone number, and how many people your lunch(s) will feed.

“Community Lunch never discriminates against anyone for any reason,” Transue said. “Our goal is simply to bring people together in a healthy, tasty way, even if we have to do it for now with only drive-by fellowship.”