Status of Chatham County courts

By Allen Baddour

Pittsboro, NC – I wanted to clarify that the courts are open, but addressing only emergency matters in both civil and criminal courts, for the time being. 

Some matters in district court (first appearances, domestic violence) are being addressed in the courthouse (For now), and I have held remote hearings via WebEx for TROs (temporary restraining order) and bond motions. 

The Chatham County Clerk’s office will reduce its hours but be available to accept filings all day. They will limit public interaction. 

The offices of the District Attorney, Public Defender, and Probation continue to function, though with changed schedules and approaches to contact with the public. We’re closely monitoring the jail population to ensure we release those we can. 

Most matters are being continued for the time being. Obviously we want to follow the same social distancing practices we’re all experiencing in other areas of life. So jury trials, along with all the other types of court that bring people together, are on hold right now. 

Court officials have met weekly for over a month to monitor and address our response, and we’ll continue to do so. 
Allen Baddour is a Superior Court Judge