Crawford, Voller, & Nichols to half of Chatham County residents: Drop Dead

by Bill Crawford

Pittsboro, NC – So it would seem that the Chatham County Democrats put up a Facebook post on July 20, have not pulled it down. The only human responses to me calling the them on it were Virginia Penley offering a non-response with distraction, and Jim Crawford expressing agreement with Ms. Penley.

Mr. Crawford, you are an elected official in Chatham. Trump got over 17,000 votes in Chatham threes ago. Are you really signing onto the idea of that large a group being “racist”, “violent” and part of a “cult”? Are you in agreement that the upcoming 2020 convention in Charlotte will be a “three day hate fest”?

I don’t need any further response from Ms. Penley, she has already told me that I am certainly a racist and offered me the chance to prove her wrong.

I have yet to hear a word from Jan Nichols and Randy Voller. Your silence is damning.