Be cautious of free water sample kits in your mailbox

by Tonya Randell

Pittsboro, NC – I think many of us already know that the water sample “kit” that comes to your mailbox is a sales ploy to get you to buy water filtration systems that you may or not need.

I worked for five years for a local health department pulling water samples to be tested and then helping home owners understand their results. I wanted to add my two cents since I just got another one of these in my mailbox off Mann’s Chapel yesterday.

There is absolutely NO WAY that DVR Labs c/o Carolina Fresh Water gets enough water in those little vials to test your water properly. It takes cups of water to properly test your water for all the things (like bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, etc.) that might be problematic. You give them all the information that they need to concoct their recommendations for a filtration system based on the answers to the blue slip of paper.

Also, they say on their website that you can schedule an in house consultation wherein an “expert” will test your water in front of you. This may work for some chemicals, but for things like coliform bacteria, the lab has to culture your sample over the course of time, so you can’t test for that immediately.

So please be cautious in your dealings with a company like this. Their goal is almost certainly to sell expensive water treatment systems.

If you think you have a problem with well water, please contact Chatham County Environmental Health and have them help you decide which samples you need. They will take the time to explain the results and help you navigate what remedies are available. There are fees for the samples, but their expertise is free.

Editor’s note: The state Department of Environmental Quality does not endorse products and urges residents to be cautious when buying any home water filter system. Anyone with concerns can call the Consumer Protection Division of the state attorney general’s office. That toll free number is 877-5NO-SCAM, which translates to 877-566-7226.

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