Give Duane Hall a chance to make his case against sexual harassment charges

by Wallace Kaufman

J. Peder Zane is sane with the News & Observer’s opinion piece “Zero tolerance and zero fairness in the Rep. Hall case” (Mar. 14) on the reaction to accusations against Rep. Duane Hall, while much of Hall’s colleagues and the governor verge on the irrational. All the “progressive” politicians and party members suggesting Duane Hall resign essentially convict him without hearing letting him answer charges.

sexual harassment formThe Democrats’ reaction to the charges of sexual harassment against him showed political cowardice and set a bad precedent. Hall quickly denied all the charges, but instead of allowing him time to make his case, his colleagues assumed his guilt.

The charges may be valid, but as former Chair of the Chatham County Democratic Party and President of the Chapel Hill-Carborro ACLU chapter I’m embarrassed that the governor and Democratic Party leaders apparently feel that if any woman charges a man with harassment, he should immediately be penalized, and guilt or innocence is not as important as political correctness.

I have disagreed with many of Hall’s positions, but let’s hear what he has to say. Give Hall a reasonable chance to answer each charge.