Chatham “wilderness” is not untouched, pristine, old growth nonsense

by Taylor Kish 

Pittsboro, NC – The state of North Carolina has strictly written laws to mitigate storm water run off from every parcel in every corner of the state including all of Chatham County.  It costs tens of thousands of dollars for engineers and environmental “consultants” to ensure all storm water is managed according to EPA and DENR “standards”.

I wish all you busybodies who moved here within the last 20 years would have to jump through all the hoops you insist for Chatham Park.  I think we should complain to Chatham County inspectors to check your square footage, storm water run off, building codes, environmental rules and regulations, and all the other codes YOU are exempted simply because you have a single residence.

I wish you were made to install curbs, sidewalks, install plants and shrubs, extra lighting, mark your driveways for handicapped parking, etc. etc. etc. I wish YOU were made to put braille signs at your doors and bathrooms, install hand rails, guard rails, and pay for inspections and fire marshals.  Other developers who are favored by other democrat hacks are somehow exempted from all these calls for special rules and regulations.  More than a few individuals/businesses push themselves onto Chatham County’s environmental committees and other “task forces” so they get special grants, property improvements, special loan terms with help from the county, all the while they scream for extra burdens on people like Chatham Park.

Have you heard of these county-buddy companies providing low income housing in their high dollar subdivisions?  Have you seen these busybodies demanding low income housing and mental health halfway houses to be built next door to their houses?

Walk through these areas you are trying to “protect”.  Notice almost every tree is less than 90 years old.  How can that be?  It was farmland.  Almost all Chatham County has been farmed many times over the past 350 years.

Chatham “wilderness” is not.  It is not untouched, pristine, old growth nonsense.  It has been farmed again and again and again. Please stop trying to use the power of government to harass your neighbors. When you give government power, citizens never get that power back.  We will all be slaves to government employees.