Lend your voice to Chatham County’s community health and well being

Pittsboro, NC – This February, the Chatham Health Alliance began the 2018 Community Assessment. The Community Assessment is an ongoing process that includes a survey and community conversations that help us identify the issues that most affect the health and well-being of Chatham County residents. The assessment provides a snapshot of our community’s needs, challenges, strengths opportunities, and moreover; what we can do together to make life better. Chatham County government is a core member of the Chatham Health Alliance, and the information gathered through the Community Assessment process will help to identify priorities that guide us as we find ways to create positive outcomes for our community.
community assessment
Your voice is an important part of this process, and there are several ways to participate in the Community Assessment

Take the 2018 Community Survey: The Community Survey was mailed to a random sample of households in February. If you are one of the residents who received this survey, please take the time to respond. We want to hear from you, and your response ensures that your community and your voice are included. For some of the most common questions on the survey, including selection, visit the FAQs on the website www.chathamtalks.org.

Share your feedback: In addition to the surveys, we will also host many focus groups and community conversations over the next several months. We’ll keep you updated on our website www.chathamtalks.org and on Facebook, but you’re always welcome to check in with us to see where we are in the process. Contact us at or 919-545-8323.

Join our collaborative effort: The Community Assessment brings together people just like you with our county leaders, public health agencies, healthcare, community organizations, businesses and academic institutions. This process is for everyone and seeks to benefit all of us. If you are interested in becoming a partner or volunteer, please contact or 919-545-8323.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning what we can do together to make Chatham County a healthy, thriving community. For any questions on the Community Assessment, contact or 919-545-8323.