Local Pittsboro man to appear on Wheel of Fortune on January 23

Culver City, CA – Michael Rodriguez of Pittsboro, N.C., will be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday, January 23, 2018. Michael is a small business owner, husband to his wife Kristen, and father to three children. He also coaches children’s soccer and tee-ball. Michael has been watching America’s Game® for 30 years. He auditioned to be a contestant by submitting a video application online at WheelofFortune.com in hopes of winning a vacation for him and his wife.

Pittsboro’s Michael Rodriquez appears on the Wheel of Fortune on January 23.
photo by Carol Kaelson

Where to watch: Weeknights on WTVD (ABC 11) at 7:30 PM.

Wheel of Fortune is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary season. Michael will be competing during the show’s “Swiss Holiday Week,” which will feature the scenic locations and unique food and culture of Switzerland, in partnership with Collette. He will be spinning the Wheel and solving hangman-style puzzles to win once-in-a-lifetime vacations from Collette, new cars, and cash prizes.

This season, contestants going to the Bonus Round will choose the category of their puzzle from three options. The category options will vary from episode to episode. Also during this week of shows, viewers at home will want to pay specific attention to the Bonus Round. By entering the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution on WheelofFortune.com after each show airs, viewers will have a chance to win an unforgettable Alpine adventure to Switzerland, Austria, and Bavaria as part of the Collette Swiss Holiday Giveaway.

Updated 1.23.2018 22:21 EST – Michael will get the vacation he hoped for after winning $52,243 in cash and prizes, including a Mini Cooper and a trip to Switzerland, Austria, and Bavaria!