Chatham County announces new application process for adoption of obese cat weighing over 30 pounds

Pittsboro, NC – Thousands of people across the nation have taken a great interest a severely overweight cat now housed at the Chatham County Animal Shelter. The 31-pound male, nicknamed Mr. Handsome, has tugged many heart strings.

Chatham County Fat Cat“Due to the huge outpouring of interest from people and potential adopters, we are announcing a new adoption process for public safety reasons,” said Animal Services Director Alan Canady. “We are a small rural shelter on a narrow road. We simply could not accommodate large numbers of people arriving and parking here on Monday.”

The revised process means that applications to adopt the cat will be accepted from noon on Monday, July 24, until Wednesday, July 26, at 4 pm EST.  By noon on Monday, a link to the adoption application form to use and instructions will be posted on the Animal Services Facebook page at Chatham County also will post it as a news item on the county webpage at .

A drawing will be held at 10 am on Thursday, July 27, to select the winning applicant. However, they will review the selected application to ensure that the person has the ability to care for a pet with major health needs. If the initial name drawn does not pass the review, a second name will be drawn, etc.