Three 360 degree videos of Big Time Band performing at 2017 Pittsboro Summerfest

by Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Big Time Band was kind enough to let me capture the them playing on the main stage at the Pittsboro Summerfest on Sunday, July 2 with the LG360 CAM. I set the camera up in front of the band on the stage to get the videos.

Big Time Band at Pittsboro SummerfestYou can view the videos on YouTube. Use your cursor to scroll all around the videos to see the band and the audience in a 360 degree perspective. For some reason the videos’ initial view is of the crowd. You will need to scroll to your left or right to see the band.

Big Time Band performs “Play that Funky Music”


Big Time Band plays “Can’t Stop that Feeling”

NOTE: In the 2:40 point on the video you can scroll to see the bass player on street level playing to the audience


Big Time Band plays “Cherry Groove”