Joe Wagner VFW Post 7313 seeking donations

By Gregory Flood
Pittsboro, NC – After several years of planning and execution, Joe Wagner VFW Post 7313 has created a Veterans Memorial Garden at the front of our building. Seven flags are displayed with lighting: the United States of America Flag, the POW/MIA flag and the five Armed Service flags. There are two granite park benches, donated by local families and dedicated to the memory of family members who were veterans. The Memorial also includes a “Path of Honor” Walkway, consisting of engraved pavers donated by local residents to honor the veterans of our community who have so patriotically served our country. The last major component of the Memorial, a polished granite monument emblazoned with the five Armed Service emblems, was installed on 7 November 2016.

Joe Wagner Post 7313The Post has now turned its attention to the urgently-needed renovation and refurbishment of the Post building itself to provide a proper Veterans Meeting Center. Completion of this work would allow fulfillment of our goals of increasing community presence, of making a more attractive meeting place and of creating a new face to the public.  The Post recognizes that there will be many veterans among the new residents attracted to the county by such developments as Chatham Park. We wish to be able to provide them with an attractive, well maintained and functional building.

In order to fund the necessary work, our “Path of Honor ” paver program will continue. Clicking this link  will take you to a donation submission form to order the pavers, specifying the text to honor the donor’s chosen veteran. We greatly appreciate your support.

Gregory C. Flood is the Quartermaster/Adjutant for Joe Wagner VFW Post 7313