How will we pay for Chatham County’s long-range planning?

by Raymond Gastwaite

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham County Long-Range Planning Committee will present their latest thoughts to the county this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I have seen the draft documents, and they represent a wide range of options that, based on the committee’s collective and so-called progressive (not necessarily unanimous) opinion, will improve Chatham County over the next 25 years.

That may be so. I like several of the ideas, am neutral about some, and cannot tolerate others.

But you need to make up your own minds.

Why? Because you are going to end up paying for whatever this committee recommends to the Chatham County Commissioners. Lots of ideas equal lots of need for dollars to pay for ideas. Where do you think those dollars come from? Your wallet.

So if you want to have some small impact on how our county commission spends YOUR dollars, go to one of the input sessions:

  • Tuesday, February 21, at Chatham Central High School, in the Commons (outside the cafeteria), 5-7 PM
  • Wednesday, February 22, at the Chatham Community Library, Holmes Meeting Room, 5-7 PM
  • Thursday, February 23, at the Silk Hope Ruritan Center, Main Hall, 5-7 PM

It is your money.

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