Hog processing options near Chatham County

By Sam Groce

Pittsboro, NC – To answer the questions raised by Lena Hurst about raising two hogs, you can kill and process animals for meat on your own farm, but you cannot sell that meat. Those animals cannot be taken to another farm and killed and brought back to your own farm.

pork cuts chartThe nearest processors to Chatham County that will kill and process swine is Key Packing in Robbins, NC telephone: 910-464-3507 or Piedmont Custom Meats in Gibsonville, NC telephone:  336-584-8247.  Chaudhry Halal Meat Company in Siler City does not kill or process swine.

You do need identification to transport swine for any purpose in North Carolina. The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the regulatory agency that handles issuing these permits. This link will take you to a page of frequently asked questions that will direct you to the proper place to register and receive your tags.

Please feel to contact the Cooperative Extension office in Chatham County directly if you have further questions.

Sam Groce is the Chatham County Extension Director
Administration, Livestock & Forages, Community & Rural Development
webpage:  http://chatham.ces.ncsu.edu/