Don’t leave dogs in hot cars

by Sarah Pankow

Pittsboro, NC –  On Saturday, I ran out to Dollar General and Food Lion for “just for a moment.” Remember how hot it was? And yet in each parking lot there was a dog in a car with the windows cracked; both barking frantically.

Dogs in hot carsOK. Cracked windows don’t help anything people. We can just hear your frantic dog better. Would you leave an infant in your car? Your 90 year old grandma? No? Do you love and care about your pet? Apparently not. I chose to leave mine at home because; well, I don’t need to say why. Most of you know why; and yet there’s still a few people out there who think it’s ok. For just for a moment.

Would it help your judgement adjust if you knew that it is against the law in North Carolina to do that? Not every state has that law but we do. And in both cases things were being done and many outraged folks were involved. Thank goodness for kindness and caring. Maybe those two people will think twice before they do that again.

I sure hope so. OK, thanks for letting me vent. Just know that if you see it you can call the police. I don’t know how hot it has to be for that law to apply but I’m pretty sure Saturday qualified.

Stay cool folks.